The brother of the singer Vladimir Kuzmin spoke about the inappropriate behavior of Philip Kirkorov

A member of the Dynamic group Alexander Kuzmin, brother of the People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Kuzmin, reacted to the scandalous trick of the singer Philip Kirkorov, who called his colleague Nargiz “ugly” from the stage. .

The fisherman fell through the ice with his brother and died near Krasnoyarsk

Two brothers went ice fishing. The men were not embarrassed by the fact that the ice was thin. The fishermen fell into the cold water. One man made it to the beach. His 64-year-old brother has passed away. The body was carried under the ice. Divers began searching for the body. .

Malaysian woman kills 16-year-old brother with knife

According to the mother, the 16-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter quarreled over the place in the car. Returning home, the young man began to tease the girl and mock her. Furious, the sister grabbed a knife and threw it at her brother. The blade caused a serious injury, the student died. .

Masterkova first met her cousin in the Lera Kudryavtseva show

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov Olympic champion in athletics Svetlana Masterkova could not restrain her emotions at the first meeting with her cousin. During the broadcast of the Secret for a Million show, TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva introduced Masterkova to her cousin Igor Motelika. The athlete did not know about the existence of a … Read more

A resident of Altai will go to trial for the murder of his younger brother during a drunken quarrel

According to the agency, everything happened on May 16 in the village of Beltir on Diyatov Street. The 41-year-old defendant and his 38-year-old brother drank alcohol and quarreled. At some point, a drunken man took a knife and hit his opponent with it, causing him to die. .

Brother of Boris Moiseev said that the housekeeper and neighbor took possession of the property of the late singer

The elder brother of the late singer Boris Moiseev, Marx Tolkach, spoke about the people who took possession of the artist’s property. According to the man, part of the star’s inheritance was appropriated by a housekeeper, a cleaning lady and a neighbor. .

Viktor Sukhorukov told why director Balabanov refused to shoot “Brother-3”

As it turned out, Sukhorukov really wanted to shoot the third part of Brother. The artist even came to Balabanov and shared with him his vision of the future picture. However, no sketches, sketches and images for the new picture convinced the director to shoot a sequel. The screenwriter had no idea how “Brother” could … Read more