The weather anomaly from Russia will bring cold snap and heavy snowfalls to Europe Forecasters predict worse weather conditions in Europe. A cold atmospheric front from Russia will bring a sharp cooling and heavy snowfalls. Bad weather will come to the UK in early December. Residents should brace for the worst-case scenario as experts warn of a frost threat, reports the Daily Star. Climate change will be felt … Read more

What Ukrainian migrants bring with them to Europe will be told at the Patriot media center

Federal news agency Polish edition Wirtualna Polska reported on the consequences of the influx of Ukrainian refugees into the country, which led to a record number of HIV infections. “By the end of October, 1,910 new cases of HIV infection were identified. There have never been such alarming statistics in Poland,” the newspaper reports. There … Read more

Anticyclone will bring frost and snowfall to St. Petersburg over the weekend A powerful anticyclone, which begins to intensify over the Arkhangelsk region, will affect the weather in St. Petersburg this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday it will bring with it frosty weather and snow. This was told by the chief weather forecaster of the Northern capital Alexander Kolesov. “Frosty weather is expected over the weekend … Read more

Ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Faleev: missile strikes can bring down the entire energy system of Ukraine

He noted that the energy system of the neighboring country had not been improved for a long time. “A cascade collapse of this system is possible,” RIA Novosti quotes an expert. Faleev added that the universal aggregate elements of the Ukrainian energy system are a plus in terms of the stability of this system. Russia … Read more

Iranian law enforcers detain terrorists who tried to bring weapons into the country

Global Look Press | Rouzbeh Fouladi/Keystone Press Agency A terrorist group that tried to smuggle weapons into Iran was detained in the northwest of the country, Tasnim reports. According to the agency, all members of the organization were identified and detained in Western Azerbaijan. They intended to illegally import weapons and ammunition for further use … Read more

the new law on cryptocurrency mining does not bring significant changes

The only direct ban that is spelled out in the bill is a ban on advertising services related to cryptocurrency mining. At the same time, the criteria that should be followed when differentiating advertising and user information are not specified. Additional uncertainty is introduced by the rules regarding the procedure for withdrawing cryptocurrencies. Because, on … Read more

Residents of Narva continue to bring flowers to the site of the Soviet monument demolished in August Estonians still bring flowers and candles to the site of the demolished Soviet monument in Narva. The memorial was dismantled three months ago. There were about 10 people there yesterday. They do not plan to abandon the tradition of meeting in the evenings on the territory where a monument to the Soviet T-34 tank … Read more

Ambassador in Moscow: It has become more difficult to bring products from Colombia to Russia FREE NEWS

© / Vladimir AstapkovichColombian Ambassador to Russia Hector Arenas Neira MOSCOW, 12 Nov – The figures for mutual trade have not changed much due to the sanctions, but it has become more difficult to bring products from Colombia to Russia, the country’s ambassador to Moscow, Hector Isidro Arenas Neira, said in an interview. The West … Read more