BRICS ministers pledged to respect the territorial integrity of all states

The foreign ministers of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) agreed to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states and peacefully resolve any differences following the meeting on the sidelines of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly. “They pledged to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all … Read more

Economist Shulgin admitted that the dollar will replace the international reserve currency of the BRICS countries

MOSCOW, 11 Aug – An international reserve currency based on the BRICS currency basket is under development. But it is already possible to assume how the currency of this economic union will be created, told to Prime agency Mikhail Shulgin, head of the global research department at Otkritie Investments. It is important for Russia and … Read more

Algeria expressed readiness to join the BRICS

Algeria is interested in joining the BRICS. This was stated by the President of the Republic Abdelmajid Tebbun on Sunday, July 31. “Algeria has almost all the conditions for joining the BRICS. He is deeply interested in joining this organization, ”Al Mayadeen quoted him as saying. Earlier, on June 14, it became known that the … Read more

BRICS is not going to replace the G20

Dmitry Peskov answered a question from journalists whether it is possible that BRICS, when enlarged, will become an alternative to the G20. The press secretary of the President of Russia said that it was impossible. Peskov noted that BRICS is an important mechanism for coordination, interaction and cooperation, while the G20 is a completely different, … Read more

Vladimir Putin made a beautiful gesture at the BRICS summit / Presidential Administration of Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin made a beautiful gesture at the BRICS summit, which was then repeated by the leaders of the participating states. The Russian leader raised a toast to the unity of the anti-Western coalition and showed off his new souvenir mug. The mug made of porcelain is … Read more

Argentina announced its readiness to join the ranks of the BRICS

PM of India/via The BRICS countries represent 42% of the world’s population. This statement was made by the President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez. The leader of the country spoke at the summit of the states of the association. Fernandez announced Argentina’s readiness to join the ranks of the BRICS. “We strive to be full … Read more

BRICS Leaders Unanimously Call for WTO Reform

PM of India/via The leaders of the BRICS countries adopted a joint declaration in which they advocated reforming the World Trade Organization (WTO). The heads of state are convinced that the appropriate step is long overdue. The world needs an open and transparent system built on the fundamental principles of promoting and promoting trade. … Read more

Xi Jinping urged BRICS to fight unilateral sanctions

The Chinese leader called for abandoning unilateral sanctions and defending the world order, the core of which is the UN and international law. Xi Jinping called for defending the world order, which is based on the UN and international law, and abandoning the Cold War mentality and confrontation between blocs. This was stated by the … Read more