In place of the gone brands in the shopping center, they promised to open department stores of a new format

The places of departed foreign brands in Russia will be occupied by about 30 department stores of the new format – several trade brands will be presented in one space. On September 23, Izvestia was told about this by the owners of the Telegraph and Slava (Magic Group) stores, who plan to occupy new areas. … Read more

Half of the Moscow car market in August remained with Chinese brands

In August this year, residents of the capital purchased 3,167 new passenger cars of Chinese brands. This amounted to 49.7% of the total volume of the Moscow car market. This was reported on September 21 by the Avtostat agency. Experts noted that in Russia as a whole, the share of cars from China in August … Read more

Deputy Prime Minister Manturov announced the readiness of the brands that left the Russian Federation to return in the future

Companies that have suspended or ceased operations in the Russian market are generally interested in continuing their activities or in securing conditions for a return in the future. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov spoke about this in an interview with Izvestia on Tuesday, September 20. “Now we prefer not to … Read more

German journalist Katharina Wagner questioned the ability of Russians to buy cookies

The journalist does not understand who in Russia can afford such products. She is sure that Russians have been buying cheaper domestic analogues for a long time. Wagner backed up her confidence with a survey of two retirees in a supermarket whose grocery basket did not include Western brands. .

#NO FILTERS with Olga San: Western brands cannot create things like ours

The events of recent months leave no one indifferent, and popular bloggers are no exception. The fresh season of the #BEZFILTER project shows the meetings of its presenter Anton Bekkuzhev with Ukraine-connected internet stars who support our country and the special military operation. The new episode of #NOFILTER introduces the viewer to the designer, model … Read more

Cargo-cult and another Cola-Cola // Nikita Shchurenkov about attempts to use the love of Russians for bygone brands

The mass exodus of Western companies from the country has led to the same massive copying of departed brands. In an attempt to retain an audience accustomed to IKEA, H&M and Starbucks, local entrepreneurs are trying to appropriate the love of Russians for brands that are leaving them. And if the newly-minted fast food chain … Read more

Russian entrepreneurs were banned from using the symbols of departed Western brands

Russian companies or private businessmen cannot use the trademarks of Western companies that have left the Russian market, if they have not excluded their brand from Rospatent. These trademarks are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation, along with Russian ones, Zubov said. .

Lord support the laptop wider // Sales of Russian equipment in retail require effort

The government, large retailers and Russian electronics manufacturers are discussing the idea of ​​subsidizing the cost of advertising domestic electronics (laptops, system units and tablets) to retail chains. This should increase the recognition of Russian brands in the consumer segment, retailers believe. But electronics manufacturers emphasize that in addition to marketing support, they need preferential … Read more