Viktor Bout’s lawyer found it possible to exchange his client

Russian citizen Viktor Bout, who is being held in an American prison, can return home as part of a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States. This was announced on Wednesday, September 14, by Bout’s lawyer Steve Zissu. In a conversation with TASS, the lawyer confirmed that his client could be included in the … Read more

Viktor Bout’s wife expressed sympathy to the family of the convicted Greiner

Alla But, the wife of Viktor Bout, on Thursday, August 4, expressed her sympathy to the family and friends of the American basketball player Brittney Griner, who was sentenced in Russia to nine years in prison for drug smuggling. “Sympathy has no citizenship and nationality, it is a universal human emotion. God forbid that our … Read more

Ombudsman Moskalkova on Bout’s return to Russia after Yaroshenko’s release

“Yes, there is such a hope, because, according to the legislation of the United States of America, the period has come when he can be sent to serve his sentence in the country of citizenship … I would like to hope that the American side will hear us,” Moskalkova explained. .

Bout’s lawyer Zissou announced the preparation of arguments for his early release

Washington, February 7th. The defense of Russian Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year term in an American prison, is preparing arguments for several options for his early release at once, said the Russian lawyer Steve Zissou. Bout is in a US federal prison on charges of preparing a conspiracy to kill American citizens and … Read more