Rescuers found the bodies of three tourists from an overturned boat in Karelia

Rescuers found the bodies of three tourists from an overturned boat in Karelia. This was announced on Sunday, September 25, by the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the republic. “Employees of the specialized fire and rescue unit found the bodies of three missing tourists,” the report says. … Read more

SK opened a criminal case after capsizing a boat on Lake Onega in Karelia

Recall that the incident occurred on September 24 near the village of Gorki. After the rollover, adults and a child went missing, so they are now being searched. Investigators are also looking into the circumstances of the accident. .

In Karelia, a case was opened after the capsizing of the boat on Lake Onega

The investigative department for the city of Kondopoga opened a criminal case in connection with the incident in Lake Onega. This was announced on Sunday by the press service of the Investigative Committee of Karelia. Recall that everything happened on the evening of September 24th. Near the village of Gorki, Kondopozhsky district, a boat capsized, … Read more

One person died in an emergency with a boat in Karelia

In Karelia, a passenger boat capsized due to a strong wave. According to a source for Izvestia, the incident happened on the evening of September 24 on Lake Onega. According to preliminary data, there were seven people in the boat, including a 5-year-old child. Only four of them managed to get to land on a … Read more

Mother and son drowned due to capsizing boat in Krasnoyarsk Territory

The tragedy happened the night before. The passengers were on the boat without vests. Three men managed to escape. Later, rescuers found the body of a 51-year-old woman. In addition, there is a version that a 25-year-old citizen died. Rescuers are looking for his body. The drowned are mother and son to each other. .

One person died due to the capsizing of the boat on the Norilsk River

The local transport prosecutor’s office is checking the circumstances of the death of a person due to a capsizing boat on the Norilsk River. This was announced on Thursday, September 22, in the press service of the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office. According to the report, on September 20, at about 20:00 local time, the … Read more

Britons on catamaran almost die after collision with whale in the ocean An oil tanker rescued Britons traveling on a catamaran who stumbled upon a whale in the ocean, writes Mirror. A family from the UK went to travel the world. During the passage from the Azores to the United Kingdom, the ship crashed into a sleeping whale. The catamaran gave a hole, as a result … Read more