The Post Bank Supervisory Board approved the appointment of Alexander Pakhomov as the head of the bank

The Supervisory Board of Pochta Bank approved the candidacy of Alexander Pakhomov for the post of President and Chairman of the Board of the Bank. He will take up his new position after the approval of his candidacy by the Bank of Russia. So far, the head of Pochta Bank is Dmitry Rudenko. Pochta Bank … Read more

Management has changed in Togliattiazot // The board of directors includes representatives of the company’s minority shareholder – Uralchem

Uralchem, which owns 9.97% of the shares of Togliattiazot (TOAZ), with which it has been in corporate conflict for many years, was able to change the company’s board of directors, and also appoint one of its top managers to the post of general director of the enterprise. On the eve of the meeting, the structure … Read more

Uralchem ​​gained control over the board of directors of Togliattiazot

Dmitry Mazepin’s Uralchem ​​announced that it had acquired control over the board of directors of Togliattiazot (ToAZ), one of the world’s largest ammonia producers. This week, the head of the enterprise, Andrei Bobkov, was detained, who claimed that Uralchem ​​was preparing a “forceful takeover” of Togliattiazot. About 71% of Togliattiazot’s shares are in the trust … Read more

Ozdoev, industrial director of Rostec, became the head of the board of directors of the Kalashnikov concern

Industrial Director of Rostec Bekkhan Ozdoev headed the board of directors of the Kalashnikov concern. Previously, this post was held by the deputy general director of the state corporation, Alexander Nazarov. “Kalashnikov is the pride of the Russian defense industry. Today, these are not only small arms, but also civilian, dual-use products, which are in … Read more

The special board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with Chupriyan flew to Kemerovo after an emergency in the mine

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