Biologist Kiyohiko Ikeda says high blood pressure is normal in old age

To date, hypertension is diagnosed in more than 60% of people over 60 years of age, both in men and women. And if you take into account those who do not know about their condition, then the number of such patients reaches 43 million people, Ikeda concluded. .

Holy Blood star Axel Jodorowsky dies in Mexico City Mexican-French actor Axel Cristobal Jodorowsky has died. On September 22, his father, director Alejandro Khodorovka, shared the tragic news. He did not disclose the cause of his son’s death. It is known that Axel Jodorowsky passed away on September 15th. He died in Mexico City. The general public remembered the actor for his role … Read more

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Cardiologist Pavlichenko pointed out the benefits of garlic for the heart and blood vessels

Garlic, which contains allicin, is good for the heart and blood vessels. In addition, he is able to bring blood pressure back to normal, said a cardiologist, internist, clinical pharmacologist, executive director of the ANO National Research Center “Healthy Eating”, Candidate of Medical Sciences Svetlana Pavlichenko. .

Doctor Serebryansky told the Russians about the change in the norm of blood pressure in the elderly

He added that for some people, massage is enough to lower blood pressure, while others should start special treatment. The reasons for the increased readings on the tonometer may be an adrenal tumor, hypertension, or other diseases. .

Political scientist Samonkin: Zelensky’s hands are up to the elbow in the blood of the people of Ukraine

Ukrainian President’s Office/Keystone Press Agency/Globallookpress Having come to power in the wake of the aspirations of the world, President Volodymyr Zelensky has become a war criminal. Political scientist Yury Samonkin shared this point of view in an interview with a FAN correspondent. The head of the Kyiv regime hid from his own citizens intelligence data … Read more

Doctor Kondrakhin announced the benefits of chokeberry for people with high blood pressure

The doctor emphasized that patients suffering from high blood pressure should not completely abandon drugs when adding chokeberry and horsetail to the diet. According to him, these plants have a less noticeable effect. .