“Masochistic decisions”: Wasserman on why the countries of the former socialist bloc are working against the European Union

Federal News Agency The most faithful partners of Ukraine in the international arena are the countries that were once part of the socialist camp. About it in an interview FAN said the deputy of the State Duma Anatoly Wasserman. Former head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell stated that the idea of ​​a complete ban on … Read more

The eurozone remains in positive territory // The economy of the currency bloc is growing along with inflation

In contrast to the US economy, which shrank in size in the second quarter, the GDP of the euro area countries increased by 0.7% over this period (counting all EU states – by 0.6%). Another key indicator – inflation continued to accelerate, increasing on average across the eurozone in July to a new record – … Read more

“Restarting the investment cycle is a task facing the entire economic bloc” // Deputy Minister of Economy Murat Kerefov on the development of investment mechanisms

The government’s plans to restart the investment cycle in the new economic reality and the development of a key mechanism in this area – agreements on the protection and promotion of capital investments (SZPK) – in an interview with Kommersant, the new curator of the SZPK, Deputy Minister of Economy Murat Kerefov spoke. .

Expert: Russia’s economic bloc operates at a relaxed pace

According to political scientist Dmitry Evstafiev, with the start of a special operation in Ukraine, Russia is in a changed situation. At the same time, the rear controls continue to work as before and do not make decisions promptly. .

Putin praised the economic bloc for working under sanctions

The efforts of the economic bloc are having a positive effect against the backdrop of sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. In his opinion, the Russian economy can withstand the sanctions strike. “Yes, of course, everything is not easy. Everything that is happening requires special attention, special efforts from the economic bloc of the government, … Read more

a bloc between Russia and China would be the threat of the century for Europe

The biggest threat to Europe’s security could be a bloc between Russia and China. This was stated by French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on the radio station Europe 1. “The worst thing that can happen to our future security is a quasi-merger of China and Russia, creating a bloc of these two countries that … Read more

Zakharova announced the depressing level of controversy of the Western bloc in the UN Security Council

The level of controversy on the part of Western states in the five permanent members of the UN Security Council looks quite depressing. This has become especially noticeable in recent years, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, on the air of the Sputnik radio station.