What films and programs will be shown on the 95th anniversary of the birth of Oleg Efremov

TV channel “Russia-Culture” has prepared a special program for the date. September 30 at 20:00 will be a screening of the 1984 feature film “Prolong, Prolong, Charm …”. The melodrama was filmed by Yaropolk Lapshin based on the novel by Valeria Peru “Kikimora”. This is a tragic love story of two elderly people whose happiness … Read more

Psychologist Stepanova told how Pugacheva’s life changed after the birth of children

According to the expert, the artist led a wild life before replenishing the family. The prima donna, according to Stepanova, has difficulty holding impulses, so her life was “constant drinking, friends, habalism, unbridledness.” .

Granddaughter of Rosa Syabitova managed to bring her grandmother to a nervous breakdown immediately after birth

prt scr youtube.com | Between us Rosa Syabitova became a grandmother not so long ago. The TV presenter learned about the joyful event during the filming of the Stars in Africa program, which provoked a nervous breakdown in her. Syabitova admitted that she was very upset and could not stop crying, as she was unable … Read more

British woman gives birth to daughters twice on her birthday

British Marie Barton was born on September 20, 1988. When she was 23, she gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Lola. And 11 years later, exactly on this day, another girl was born – Kadi. She was supposed to be born in October, but unexpectedly came into this world earlier. The older sister … Read more

Elena Podkaminskaya revealed the details of the filming of the series “Eve, give birth!”

According to the plot of the series, Eva is a talented dance teacher and a workaholic. A 38-year-old woman has wealth, beauty, a constant lover and an apartment in a mortgage. One day the heroine finds out that “the love of her life” got married and became a father. The news literally turns Eve’s world … Read more

The star of “House-2” Yulia Efremenkova gave birth to twins

vk.com | Julia Efremenkova The stars of the Dom-2 project, Yulia Efremenkova and Mondesir Svet-Amur, delighted the fans with the news – they became the parents of twins. The newly-made mother announced the replenishment in the family on social networks. Efremenkova admitted that after giving birth she was in shock. The woman thanked her chosen … Read more