Interests of mobilized individual entrepreneurs want to be protected by law A bill protecting the interests of individual entrepreneurs was submitted to the State Duma. The deputy was the author Vladimir Sipyagin. The document proposes to introduce a special legal status for businessmen who are called up for military service. The new law can help entrepreneurs not lose business, as well as save their reputation … Read more

Support measures for citizens who fell under partial mobilization will be considered on October 4

The bill was developed in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Russians called up as part of partial mobilization. The document also applies to citizens undergoing military service under a contract and their families. .

The State Duma will consider the idea of ​​a universal allowance for citizens with children and pregnant women

According to the initiative, pregnant women who registered early, as well as families with children under 17 years old, whose incomes are below one regional subsistence minimum, can count on receiving material assistance. At the same time, the amount of the benefit will be determined by the level of family income deficit and will be … Read more

In the United States introduced a bill on the rapid arming of allies

US senators have introduced a bill aimed at quickly and timely supplying allies with weapons without depleting their own stocks. This was announced on September 26 in a statement by one of the authors of the initiative, a member of the upper house of the US Congress, Jean Shaheen, a Democrat from the state of … Read more

The Russian Cabinet approved the draft budget of the Social Fund and the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund

The Russian government approved the program of the federal law on the budget of the Social Fund and the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (FOMS) for the next year, as well as for the planning period of 2024 and 2025. .

The State Duma will consider a draft on labor guarantees for partially mobilized in the near future

Senators are currently working on the nuances that are not taken into account in the Labor Code, she noted. It is fundamentally important for everyone that the participants of the NWO keep their jobs until the end of partial mobilization. .