An attacker in glasses fell on a stolen bicycle in Yekaterinburg

According to the victim, the thief was a man with glasses, an intelligent appearance and well-dressed. The attacker cut the cable and left on someone else’s bike. The security camera caught him falling once. The victim complained that the fall was not strong. The police have already launched an investigation based on a statement from … Read more

A nine-year-old boy died under a timber truck in front of a friend in the Sverdlovsk region

The incident occurred this morning in the village of Staroutkinsk. Previously, the boy appeared on the roadway suddenly. The truck driver, who was traveling at a speed of 30-40 km/h, tried to slow down, but failed to avoid the collision. The child died from his injuries at the scene of the accident. .

Sokolovsky’s wife’s bike crashed against a concrete fence in Bali

According to Sokolovsky, at some point he was sure that the mother of his child had died. However, everything worked out, according to the artist, thanks to the helmet. After the incident, the musician urged everyone to follow the safety rules on the road and not neglect the means of protection. .

A resident of Tolyatti handed over rented bicycles to a pawnshop

An employee of the rental company contacted the police department. He said that one of the clients rented two expensive bicycles for several hours and even provided copies of documents. However, after the lease expired, the bikes were not returned to the rental, and the man’s phone became unavailable. .

Repair of a pit bike cost a teenager from Moscow three fingers

According to the publication, the fingers of a 14-year-old student were caught under the chain of a vehicle. The boy was able to call his family and tell them that he had lost three fingers. The grandmother of the victim collected her grandson’s fingers and placed them in a container with frozen fish, and the … Read more

Saratov citizen received eight years in prison for raping a hospitable stranger

A court in Saratov sentenced a man to eight years and two months in a strict regime colony for raping a stranger. A local resident let the intruder into the apartment to wash his hands, and he committed a crime in response to hospitality, the press service of the regional Investigative Committee of the Investigative … Read more

British decathlete Gregory slips into coma after skull fracture

According to the tabloid Daily Mail, the 31-year-old decathlete is in a coma after a serious accident. The athlete recorded a fracture of the skull and neck, as well as a brain hemorrhage. According to his girlfriend Naomi Heffernan, Gregory will have a very long recovery. .