Biden’s failure sent the world economy into a tailspin

According to analyst Liz Peake, Biden has failed in two ways. He failed to stop the injection of funds into the US economy, and also did not help the American oil and gas industry to increase production. Western countries expect decisive action from Biden, but they should not rely on the president, Pick said. .

Karine Jean-Pierre was rude to a journalist because of a question about Biden’s conversations with the dead

In response, Karine Jean-Pierre told a media spokesperson that it was “not her turn to speak.” She then explained that Biden’s behavior is due to the fact that he “constantly thinks” about Valorsky. .

State Duma deputy Sheremet called Biden’s threats against Russia reckless

State Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet commented on the proposal of US President Joe Biden to introduce new sanctions against Russia. “All these false and reckless speeches do not touch the heart of any sane person. We are not afraid of their threats. No one is allowed to speak the language of ultimatums with Russia,” the … Read more

Americans lost their temper after Biden’s statement about readiness to fight with China

Federal News Agency American Twitter users were furious at US President Joe Biden’s statement about China. They attacked the politician on social media. Earlier, the head of state expressed readiness to side with Taiwan in the war against China. Commentators concluded that the US and the world as a whole were in “great danger”. They … Read more

“Playing with fire”: sinologist Sanakoev appreciated Biden’s statement on military assistance to Taiwan

Source: globallookpress/U Aung China is not the kind of country right now that can be simply “threatened with a finger” in the situation with Taiwan. The President of the Center for Research and Forecasts of the Development of the Asia-Pacific Region spoke about this in a conversation with the international editorial office of the Federal … Read more

Biden’s name disappeared from the list of speakers on the opening day of the high week of the UNGA

The White House previously reported that Biden and his wife Jill flew to the UK, where the funeral of Elizabeth II will be held on September 19. The day before the ceremony, the President of the United States will attend a reception hosted by King Charles III. .