High inflation in Canada provoked an increase in the interest rate in the country

Creative Touch Imaging Ltd/ZUMAPRESS.com/Globallookpress The Bank of Canada has decided to raise interest rates sharply in order to control inflation in the country, Reuters reported. According to journalists, a report on inflation acceleration for August will be published next Tuesday. Experts suggest that this figure will be 7.3%. The Central Bank of Canada sees the … Read more

The Bank of England made its bet // The British regulator supported the trend towards tightening monetary policy

The Bank of England on Thursday, following the US Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank, decisively raised the interest rate – by 50 basis points at once, to 1.75% per annum. This was the most significant increase in the indicator over the past 27 years. In this way, the regulator is trying to … Read more

Longer, softer, more boring // The Central Bank reduced the cost of credit and extended the forecast for the duration of the recession

The key rate has been reduced again, and unexpectedly much: the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia decided to set it at 8% per annum. In the revised forecast for 2022-2024, the Central Bank assumes that the continuation of the recession in 2023 is inevitable, the recession will be less deep and longer … Read more

Rates on ruble deposits returned to the level of the first half of February // Infographics

The average maximum interest rate on ruble deposits in the ten largest banks of the Russian Federation, attracting the largest volume of deposits, decreased from 9.09% in the first ten days of June to 8.14% in the second, according to the materials of the Central Bank. Thus, it returned to the level of the first … Read more

KKR consortium honors takeover bid for bicycle company Accell

An investor group led by the American KKR is agreeing to the takeover bid for bicycle manufacturer Accell, known for brands such as Batavus and Sparta. The offer will not be increased and is therefore irrevocable. Meanwhile, 77.8 percent of Accell shares have been registered with the investor consortium. The deal is worth 1.6 billion … Read more

Boskalis receives zero claim from investor HAL about increase in takeover bid

The offer that investor HAL has made for dredging and maritime service provider Boskalis is actually too low. At least that’s what Boskalis thinks. The company has tried to reach a higher offer in consultation with HAL. It did not work. According to Boskalis, which speaks of a “not unreasonable offer”, shareholders should decide for … Read more

Leasing is looking for property // Companies are faced with a shortage of rental objects

Leasing industry indicators showed a significant drawdown compared to the beginning of the year. Companies immediately faced a set of problems: a sharp increase in the Central Bank rate, difficulty in accessing funding and a shortage of leasing objects. And if the key rate has already begun to decline, which may lead to stabilization of … Read more

Too expensive for that kind of money // The Bank of Russia lowered the key rate more than expected

Thursday’s cut of the key rate by the Bank of Russia at an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank was more than expected. The new rate is 11% per annum, while at the next regular meeting, which will be held on June 10, it will most likely be reduced again. … Read more