Analyst Antonov predicted a moderate strengthening of the ruble at the beginning of next week The ruble at the beginning of next week is able to moderately strengthen. Despite the negative background, in October the value of the dollar can range from 55 to 59 rubles, the euro – from 54 to 58 rubles. Vladislav Antonov, a financial analyst at BitRiver, shared this information in an interview with the … Read more

Hundreds of corgis gather for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic at a party in Beijing

Having overcome all the tests and checks, the happy owners of the Corgi, together with the dogs, once again play and run together in the park. The organizers foresaw everything: obstacle courses and other competitions for four-legged animals were organized. The owners also got the opportunity to visit various kiosks and recreation areas. In addition, … Read more

The number of fraudsters in the network has grown since the beginning of partial mobilization

From the beginning of partial mobilization, vacancies began to appear on announcement sites offering to receive a deferment, and in Telegram, the number of offers for the sale of diplomas increased by more than 20 times. Izvestia figured out how to calculate a fake vacancy, why there is no point in hastily buying documents on … Read more

The Patriot media group announced the beginning of cooperation with the KADARA publication

The portal daily publishes up-to-date and exclusive news about events taking place in Russia. KADARA journalists select the most interesting materials for readers. The publication publishes news on politics, sports, show business, culture and science on its website. .

Ivan Safronov may go through the stage to the IC at the beginning of next year

According to Safronov, he does not understand what kind of reaction those who follow his trial are counting on. And he explained that he sees no practical use in beating hysterically against glass. The convict also added that he was promised a sentence of only 12 years, provided that he admits guilt. However, the ex-journalist … Read more

Since the beginning of the year, Primorsky residents have been given more than two thousand Far Eastern hectares

The department noted that the program continues to be popular. Since the beginning of this year, 2,171 residents of the region have already become owners of Far Eastern hectares. This is 531 sites more than in the same period last year, according to IA PrimaMedia. .

Forecaster Leus promised the citizens of St. Petersburg the beginning of the working week without precipitation

Photo by Vasily Kulinich on Unsplash Monday in St. Petersburg will be cloudy and cool, but without rain. Forecaster Michael Leus told about it. “The northern capital, as well as the western half of the Leningrad region, will feel the influence of a weakly expressed anticyclone crest. If the weather is cloudy with clearings, there … Read more

Noise strips have been equipped since the beginning of the year on 45 sections of roads in the Moscow region

Since the beginning of the year, 45 road sections have been equipped with noise lanes in the Moscow Region. This was reported on Thursday, September 22, on the website of the regional Ministry of Transport. The department said that noise strips are being made in places where it is necessary to reduce the speed before … Read more