Sakhalin rescuers began searching for two missing people

Moscow Agency On September 24, two groups of emergency services began searching for people in the Sakhalin Region. Residents disappeared in the Nogliki and Uglegorsk regions. Information about this was shared in the press center of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the region. The first part of the … Read more

Investigative Committee began checking on the fact of the demolition of the monument in honor of the Liberator Soldier near Novosibirsk

The material said that the monument was demolished for the construction of a sports facility, for the construction of which money was allocated from the federal budget. Chairman of the IC Alexander Bastrykin instructed and. about. to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Novosibirsk Region … Read more

Rally “We do not leave our own” in support of Donbass began in Moscow

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The Germans began to massively buy firewood for heating in the winter due to the energy crisis

The Germans began to independently resolve issues with heating in winter after the statements of the authorities. Residents of the country are frightened by the prospect of freezing in winter due to non-payment of bills, which have grown many times over, compared with ordinary payments against the backdrop of the energy crisis. .

Fraudsters began to send SMS with a proposal to resolve the issue with the army

The Russians began to receive SMS messages with a proposal to “settle the issue” with the army, Izvestia was told on September 23 at Pro32, a cybersecurity company. “The deception is based on the version of connections with the military registration and enlistment office or guarantees of professional legal assistance. If the victim believed the … Read more

In the residence of the Belgian king began to turn off the backlight

The official residence of the Belgian King Philip in recent days has not been illuminated at night. This was reported by the RTL TV channel on September 22. In addition, employees were asked to turn off the lights whenever possible. It is also reported that in order to save energy, the possibility of installing solar … Read more

Finland began preparing a complete ban on entry for Russians

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, during his speech at a press conference in New York, announced the preparation of a complete ban on entry into the country for Russian citizens. This was reported on September 21 by the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti. “Today we decided to start preparing a national decision on how we can limit … Read more

The prosecutor’s office began an investigation after the derailment of the cars of the Murmansk-Petersburg passenger train

Five carriages of a passenger train heading from Murmansk to St. Petersburg derailed on the Oktyabrskaya railway. This was reported by a FAN source in law enforcement agencies. .

The prosecutor’s office began an investigation after the partial flooding of the barge on the Angara Partial flooding of the vessel occurred on the Angara River. The transport prosecutor’s office organized an investigation. In the morning, in the Motyginsky district, the ship was towing a non-self-propelled barge. During the movement, it was partially flooded – water got into the bow. No one was hurt, the threat of pollution of the … Read more