Fashion house Valentino began to turn off the lights in the evenings in boutiques around the world Italian fashion house Valentino has begun turning off lights in the evening, according to local media. We are talking about all 95 Valentino boutiques located in different parts of the world, writes the economic newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. Earlier it became known that approximately 120 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy may … Read more

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: Ukrainian authorities began to dictate their terms to the West

The appetites of the Ukrainian authorities are only growing, so they began to dictate their terms to the West, Lavrov said, quoted by the TASS agency. The reason for this was the constant statements of Western countries about the support of Kyiv. The Russian minister recalled the statements of Kyiv politicians who want to build … Read more

Russians began to turn to notaries and loaders more often

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New groups of mobilized began to undergo training at the training ground in Donbass

The newly arrived at the training ground in the Donbass, the mobilized began preparations for departure to the special operation zones. Recruits receive the necessary support from the regions and are trained before they get to the front line. Kirill Olkov, a war correspondent for Izvestia, spoke about this on October 6. According to the … Read more

Yulia Chicherina began to accept congratulations after falling under EU sanctions

The European Union has imposed sanctions against Russian performers. In addition to Chicherin’s restriction, Nikolai Rastorguev and Oleg Gazmanov were affected. The rock singer admitted that after the news she began to accept congratulations from friends and acquaintances. .

Avtotor began preparations for the production of new models

The Kaliningrad Avtotor plant has begun reconfiguring the conveyor to prepare for the launch of the production of new brands of cars. This was reported on October 6 by the Avtostat agency. In 2023, Avtotor plans to start producing electric vehicles and engines for them. The construction of eight plants is being completed at the … Read more

Russian companies began to sell oil tankers due to EU sanctions

Because of this, the Russian operator Railgo was forced to sell its Taganrog Tanker Fleet company. The Railgo operator had three river-sea tankers that were used to transport 1 million tons of oil products per year. Despite the sale of ships, the Russian company remains the largest operator transporting petroleum products by rail. .

Prices for air tickets from Russia to foreign countries began to decline

Experts note that at present the cost of an air ticket from Moscow to Antalya and back is approximately 37 thousand rubles. At the same time, some airlines offer to purchase tickets worth from 35 thousand rubles. In addition, tickets from Moscow to Dubai have fallen sharply in price. Tourists can go on vacation in … Read more