Dirk supermarkets put the prices of many basic products on hold: ‘Way risk because costs continue to rise’

Dirk Supermarkets will freeze the price of more than a hundred products for the rest of 2022. “This is a risk,” says general manager Marcel Huizing. “We are sure that significant cost increases will follow this autumn and winter. We take care of that.” Copy to clipboard

Huawei seemed to buyers // Brand stores work, but do not sell

As Kommersant found out, Huawei stores do not even sell phones and laptops displayed in shop windows to visitors. Problems in the main part of the Russian retail of Huawei arose against the backdrop of a dispute between the store management company and the manufacturer. Kommersant’s sources say that Huawei has stopped direct deliveries of … Read more

The decline in industrial prices so far slows down consumer inflation // Price monitoring

In July, compared to June 2022, producer prices of goods decreased by 2.2%, in annual terms, their growth rates decreased to 6.1% against 11.3% in June, Rosstat estimated. The deflation of selling prices in the industry is in line with the expectations of companies (see Kommersant of June 29) and has been observed for the … Read more

The rise in prices for energy carriers and electricity in Europe breaks records // Infographics

According to Eurostat, energy inflation reached 41.1% yoy in July. This is the highest figure since the beginning of observations in 1997. If we take the subcategories, the largest increase in July was shown by gas prices – 51.4% yoy. Since January, this indicator has grown by 10.7 percentage points against the backdrop of a … Read more

Disposable waste of the population // Ministry of Natural Resources proposes not to change the base for calculating tariffs for garbage collection

The Ministry of Natural Resources has published drafts of two regulations that fundamentally change approaches to the formation of the basic document in the field of municipal solid waste (MSW) management – the federal scheme and change the rules for determining waste accumulation standards in favor of calculated rather than actual data. This change can … Read more

The Bank of England made its bet // The British regulator supported the trend towards tightening monetary policy

The Bank of England on Thursday, following the US Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank, decisively raised the interest rate – by 50 basis points at once, to 1.75% per annum. This was the most significant increase in the indicator over the past 27 years. In this way, the regulator is trying to … Read more

Operational downturn // Economy accelerates contraction amid mounting uncertainty

The contraction of the Russian economy is accelerating. According to the Ministry of Economy, in June, GDP contracted by 4.9% in annual terms after a decline of 4.3% in May and 2.8% in April 2022, and in the first half of the year the economy shrank by 0.5%. The output of goods and services by … Read more

The US Federal Reserve raised the base interest rate to 2.25-2.5% per annum

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS) raised the base interest rate for the second time in a row – by 0.75%, to 2.25-2.5% per annum. The last time the regulator raised the rate on June 15 was also 0.75%, to 1.5–1.75%. . In support of these goals, the Committee has decided to raise the target … Read more