Spiegel readers recognized the futility of sanctions against the backdrop of the launch of the Moskvich car plant

The beginning of mass production of cars of the revived Moskvich brand became known the day before. Sales of the Moskvich 3 model will begin in the Central Federal District of Russia in December, and from March next year, a resident of any region will be able to buy it. “It is clear that the … Read more

Scholz spoke about the importance of joint discussions against the backdrop of Russia’s isolation at the G20 summit

According to Scholz, quoted by RIA Novosti, it seems important that the discussion of topical international issues at the summit be carried out by joint efforts. He clarified that the G20 represents the majority of the world’s population and the vast majority of global economic output. In this regard, the agreements that are reached at … Read more

Residents of Kyiv were warned about the increase in periods of blackouts against the backdrop of cold weather

An increase in blackout periods will occur if the transmission capacity of the power grid remains at the same level as it is now. According to the expert, when the temperature drops, the consumption of electricity in Ukrainian homes naturally grows. .

The European Union bought more than 100 billion cubic meters of LNG against the backdrop of a reduction in gas supplies from Russia

LNG supplies to Europe in 2022 will amount to about 123 billion cubic meters. m, Laura Page, senior analyst at Kpler for liquefied natural gas, told the agency. Sergey Kapitonov, an analyst at the Skoltech Energy Transition Design Center, believes that about 125 billion cubic meters of LNG will be supplied. .

Putin emphasized the relevance of maintaining investments against the backdrop of current conditions

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Uniper lost 40 billion euros in nine months against the backdrop of a reduction in gas supplies from Russia

The German energy concern Uniper in the period from January to September 2022 lost 40 billion euros according to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) against the backdrop of a reduction in imports of blue fuel from Russia, the company’s press service reports. .

The cost of gas is growing in Europe against the backdrop of a decline in the anomalous heat for autumn

European LNG terminals were operating at around 60% capacity in October, according to Gas Infrastructure Europe. At the same time, for half a month it was below 60% and even turned out to be 52%. In September and August, the rate of utilization of regasification capacities was at the level of 59%. .

Global Times told what detail the West ignores against the backdrop of Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal

NEVA NEWS | Areg Ervan The West does not want to notice Ukraine’s actions against Russia. However, he actively criticizes Moscow’s decisions, the authors of the Global Times said. Russia announced its withdrawal from the grain deal due to the terrorist attack in the waters of Sevastopol. Europe and the US condemned Moscow’s decision. However, … Read more

Pushkov condemned Koreans dancing against the backdrop of the tragedy

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov on Sunday, October 30, condemned the people who continued to celebrate Halloween despite the tragedy in Seoul. The “Entertainment Society” does not intend to bother with some kind of crush and even the death of 150 people. Halloween is more important to him. Members of the “entertainment society” want and will … Read more