Kyiv “stores” gas destined for Moldova in Ukraine

The expert drew attention to the fact that Moscow does not interfere with the interaction of the post-Soviet states, eager to join the EU. Probably, the Republic of Moldova is so rich that it has the opportunity to donate significant amounts of energy resources in favor of the Bandera regime. .

Injections did not have enough investments // The only SPIC for the production of medical devices will be terminated

Announced by the authorities three years ago as the first and only project worth 2.7 billion rubles. within the framework of a special investment contract (SPIC) in the segment of the production of medical devices will be terminated. The Snabpolimer Medicine company is not ready to launch the production of third-generation disposable self-destructive syringes in … Read more

HIV treatment has fallen in price // The share of expensive drugs in public procurement has decreased

This year, the Ministry of Health has significantly reduced purchases of expensive modern foreign drugs for the treatment of HIV, which have no analogues, and increased purchases of cheaper drugs. This is a forced measure: funding to provide drugs to patients is not noticeably increasing, but the number of patients with HIV is growing. Experts … Read more

From the life of buyers // Sanatoriums will be supported from the budget

Crimea, which this summer may be short of tourists due to the closed airport of Simferopol, has a chance to compensate for the losses at the expense of pensioners and state employees. The peninsula turned out to be in demand among public procurement operators who purchase vouchers to sanatoriums for those in need at the … Read more

Prices hung in thought // Inflationary and deflationary threats will balance each other in June

Inflation at the beginning of June 2022, apparently, was zero or negative, its pace began to decline now already in annual terms, and its average increase in May was five times lower than a year ago. The main question of June is whether the purely symbolic deflation will continue for the time being – the … Read more

Depp to release album with guitarist Jeff Beck after defeating Amber Heard

Depp arrived at the musician’s concert in the British city of Gateshead. The stars performed several songs together. The actor did not talk about the victory in the trial of his ex-wife, but Beck congratulated him on this event. In addition, the guitarist announced their joint record. .

Privatization without a statute of limitations // Deals in the 1990s still carry business risks

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov, in his annual report to the President of the Russian Federation, named the uncertainty of the statute of limitations among the problems of law enforcement. It gives government agencies the opportunity to challenge the deal, concluded as part of the privatization of the 1990s, which “has an extremely negative effect on … Read more

Too expensive for that kind of money // The Bank of Russia lowered the key rate more than expected

Thursday’s cut of the key rate by the Bank of Russia at an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank was more than expected. The new rate is 11% per annum, while at the next regular meeting, which will be held on June 10, it will most likely be reduced again. … Read more