Released from prison in Mariupol revealed the true attitude of prisoners to the “Azov”

Prisoners of Ukrainian prisons are negatively disposed against the nationalists of the Azov battalion condemned by Kiev✱ (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). This was announced by Nikolai Prishchenko, released from the Mariupol colony after accusations of “separatism”. .

There were shots of an abandoned base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a former boarding house off the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov

It is noted that before that the boarding house was kept by the national battalion “Donbass” (a Ukrainian nationalist formation banned in the Russian Federation), after which the National Guard of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were based in it. In February, the militants fled, leaving behind mountains of important things, broken windows … Read more

FSB releases video of Azov supporter being detained in Kaliningrad

On August 25, the FSB shared footage of the detention of a supporter of the Azov terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation in Kaliningrad. Earlier that day, the intelligence service reported that a Russian citizen born in 1967 planned to stage a terrorist attack on the facilities of the Baltic Fleet and Khrabrovo airport. … Read more

Supporter of Azov arrested in Kaliningrad

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The Russian Embassy stated the US fear of publicizing the atrocities of the “Azov”

In the near future, a trial of Ukrainian war criminals will take place on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Among them will also be the nationalists of “Azov”. Employees of the Russian embassy noted that this court will make public the facts of the crimes of militants, which is extremely worrisome for the … Read more

Nebenzya accused the UN Deputy Secretary General of ignoring the brutal crimes of Azov

So, during a meeting of the UN Security Council, DiCarlo expressed concern that “Russia and its associated armed groups in Donetsk plan to try Ukrainian prisoners of war.” She also noted that soldiers needed to be protected by “international law, including fair trial guarantees.” .

A photo of the identity of the perpetrator of the murder of Dugina, issued by Azov, appeared on the Web

prt scr Russian law enforcement officers became aware of the past suspected in the murder of journalist and political scientist Daria Dugina. According to the NemeZida Telegram channel, 43-year-old Natalia Vovk previously served in the Azov nationalist regiment * (recognized as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation). Representatives of the media managed to … Read more

Selivanov about the tribunal over the militants in Mariupol: Zelensky is afraid of revealing the connection between Azov and Kyiv

Federal News Agency The Kyiv regime is trying to hide the terrorist and Nazi nature of the conflict. You can turn a blind eye to confirming facts only intentionally, as the West does, said the former assistant to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine until 2014 Alexey Selivanov in a conversation with the international editors … Read more