Auto expert Morzharetto explained whether to buy a new car now Expert Igor Morzharetto spoke about what is happening in the automotive industry. The specialist explained whether it is worth buying a new car now. Morzharetto noted that in the current situation it is not advisable to change the car to a new one. More modern models are now much more expensive. “From the point … Read more

New OSAGO rules come into force in Russia from October 1

The second rule concerns the resolution to the driver of the results of the examination of the car after the accident. From October 1, paperwork will disappear from this procedure. To receive the results of the examination initiated by the insurer, it is enough to choose a convenient communication channel in the notice application. This … Read more

An attacker in Podolsk stole auto parts at his work

According to the Vesti Podmoskovye edition, law enforcement officers found that a 31-year-old store employee replaced the contents of boxes with brake discs for more expensive clutch complexes. His 30-year-old “partner” purchased these boxes ostensibly with discs. For the help of the accomplice, a reward of 5 thousand rubles was waiting, and the store employee … Read more

Sollers Auto will start production of commercial vehicles in March. And it’s not a Ford.

In March 2023, the production of commercial all-metal vans will begin at the Elabuga enterprise Sollers Auto. These will be models of the Chinese brand, the Russian Car Telegram channel reports, citing its own sources. “I don’t know how Sollers is doing with the prospect of assembling Transits, but they will definitely start assembling JAC … Read more

Moskvich car plant can start working before the end of this year

NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya The Moscow government announced the upcoming launch of the Moskvich plant. It is reported that the company can earn by the end of this year. The Russian automotive market is experiencing a significant decline in sales – they are 30% of last year’s figure. At the same time, the assembly … Read more