The Austrian Refugee Support Agency has exhausted its capacity The Austrian Federal Agency for the Support of Refugees (BBU) has exhausted its capabilities against the backdrop of an influx of migrants from Ukraine. The agency’s managing director, Andreas Achrainer, said the reception centers were overcrowded. Soon the country will not be able to accommodate arrivals. “Our possibilities are exhausted, yes. Of course, we … Read more

Austrian photographer Rehmann captures comet Leonard’s exit from the solar system

He became the overall winner in the Astronomical Photographer of the Year 2022 nomination. His entry was dedicated to Greg Leonard’s comet discovered in early 2021, which was photographed by many contestants along with Gerald Rehmann. .

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Kneisl blamed European authorities for the energy crisis

Federal news agency The energy crisis in Europe began long before the special military operation. European politicians provoked it back in 2021, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl said. “We had a crisis in the electric power industry even before the gas crisis began. This is the result of the liberalization of the last 15-18 … Read more

Austrian Foreign Minister Schallenberg did not rule out the possibility of a gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia

© / Vladimir SergeevRussian and EU flags VIENNA, 9 Sep — Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg in an interview with the Wiener Zeitung did not rule out the possibility of a gradual lifting of EU sanctions against Russia. “Sanctions are a flexible tool, but we are still far from that. I very much hope that … Read more

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Kneisl admits the possibility of meeting with Putin at the Eastern Economic Forum

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl does not yet know if he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She is currently at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, where the Russian leader will arrive on September 7. .

Kronenzeitung: Austrian business asks government for billions in exchange for Russian gas Austrian companies are going through times of crisis due to a tenfold increase in Russian gas prices, the Kronenzeitung article says. Journalists note that five support measures will help get out of this situation, including an increase in subsidies by 2.5 billion euros. The authors of the material emphasize that the Austrian Cabinet promised … Read more

Austrian Foreign Minister announced readiness to compromise on visas for Russians

Vienna is ready to consider compromises on visa restrictions for Russians, in particular, the suspension of the visa facilitation agreement. This was announced on Wednesday, August 31, by Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg. “Of course, we are ready to consider whether a compromise can be reached. For example, the option of terminating the visa facilitation … Read more