Ex-employee of the office of the Minister of Defense of Australia was accused of raping a colleague

Former Australian Defense Minister Bruce Lehrmann has been accused of raping ex-colleague Brittany Higgins. According to investigators, the crime took place in the parliament building, Sky News reports. .

The Australian Navy announced the preparation of a new generation of commanders for the submarine fleet

The publication says that the military will be trained on the territory of the country, because Australia wants to strengthen its military power before entering the combat duty of the submarine fleet as part of the AUKUS alliance. Canberra may receive new submarines as early as the end of the 2030s. .

Australia imposes sanctions against 28 Russians due to referendums

Australia has imposed sanctions against 28 Russians associated with referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions on joining Russia. The statement, published on October 2 on the website of the Australian Foreign Office, does not provide a list of Russians. However, it is specified that financial restrictions are imposed on them. In addition, … Read more

Cyclist van der Poel pleads guilty to beating two girls during Worlds

Photo by formstock Cyclist Matthieu van der Poel has pleaded guilty to beating two underage girls before a road cycling race at the World Championships in Wollongong, Australia. Law enforcement officers detained the athlete before the start of the competition. According to preliminary data, the man pushed the teenagers in the hallway. One of the … Read more

Dutch cyclist arrested for conflict with teenagers on the eve of the World Cup final

On the evening before the final, girls aged 13 and 14 knocked on the athlete’s room several times, which provoked aggression from van der Pool. A quarrel broke out, during which the man pushed the schoolgirls. One of them suffered an elbow injury. .

School in Australia suspends student from school due to haircut

After the publication of the story on the Web, a real scandal erupted. Many users criticized the mother of the punished student, recalling that when signing the contract, the child must comply with all its points, including the dress code. Commentators also noted that in society there are certain rules that everyone must follow. .

School bus overturns after colliding with truck in Australia

One of the schoolgirls was hospitalized by helicopter, she received serious injuries. In addition, the truck driver was injured. According to the Daily Mail, the bus with the girls was on its way to Melbourne Airport. From there, the students were to travel to the United States for a field trip to the Kennedy Space … Read more

Australia will not ban Russian tourists from entering the country

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles said Canberra would not ban Russian tourists from entering the country as part of sanctions against Russia. In an interview with the Australian television channel ABC, Marles said that the sanctions are directed against the Russian government, “and not against the Russians themselves.” Since the start of the conflict, Australia … Read more