Auditor of the Accounts Chamber spoke about the risks of low-rise construction

The development of individual housing construction may give rise to new social and communal problems. This was told in an interview with “RG” auditor of the Accounts Chamber Natalya Trunova. The density of the road network in Russia lags behind the European one by several times; in the last 15 years, the network of social … Read more

An auditor is going to Safe City // The Prosecutor’s Office will check the systems in the regions

As it became known to “Kommersant”, the Security Council plans to instruct the prosecutor’s office to check the implementation of the hardware-software complex (AIC) “Safe City” in the regions. A recent audit showed that in a number of entities it works ineffectively or is even nominally present. Experts admit that local urban security systems are … Read more

Auditor of the Accounts Chamber Mikhail Men resigned

The Federation Council received a proposal from the president on the early dismissal of Mikhail Me from the post of auditor of the Accounts Chamber (JV) at his request, said the president’s plenipotentiary in the Federation Council, Artur Muraviev. Natalia Trunova, a member of the expert-analytical council at the joint venture, can be appointed to … Read more