The audience is confident in the success of the singer MakSim as a mentor of the show “Voice. Children”

According to the audience, the performer of the hit “Do You Know” will successfully prove herself in a new field for her. In addition, MakSim has recently returned to the stage and is again ready to tour, gaining the artistic experience she needs. .

“You don’t suffer in vain”: why does CNN “feed” the Western audience with the quick capture of Kherson

Federal news agency It is extremely important for politicians in Western countries to show their citizens that the hardships they endure because of support for Ukraine are not in vain. About it in an interview FAN political scientist said Ivan Arkatov. Earlier, the American edition of CNN, citing US officials, reported that Ukraine seeks to … Read more

Incriminating film about Biden’s son received a standing ovation from the audience of a closed screening in Hollywood National Convention V/Keystone Press Agency A private screening of “My Son is Hunter” was held in Los Angeles this week. The event was attended by producers, critics and other influential people who honored the film with thunderous applause. The script of the film was written on the basis of investigative journalism about corruption in … Read more

DM audience warned Europe against the fate of Nazi Paulus near Stalingrad Scherl Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail expressed their opinion on the plans of the G7 to impose a price ceiling on oil from Russia. In particular, one of the participants in the discussion predicted for Europe the fate of the German Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, the commander of the 6th Army, which … Read more

The audience noticed an annoying film blooper in one of the scenes of the film “Love and Doves”

In one of the scenes, Raisa Zakharovna picks up a tie for the hero who has arrived at the resort. The thing is that this accessory has already appeared in the picture earlier – when Vasily visited the gym. .