Bus with the inscription “Zelensky is a black hole” has become a new attraction in Germany

unsplash.com An unusual bus with a provocative inscription regarding the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was noticed on the streets of Berlin in Germany. The inscription on the vehicle reads: “Zelensky is a black hole.” It is noted that the bus was in the frame on one of the local TV channels during a report. … Read more

Specialists of the YaRUS social network named their favorite sights of St. Petersburg

Lyubov Yanina, senior manager for work with bloggers YARUS, cannot imagine herself in St. Petersburg outside of its cultural life. To learn something new for himself, he chooses atypical places and unusual walking routes. She likes the Annenkirche Lutheran Church for its unusual history and atmosphere. In addition, interesting exhibitions and concerts are held there. … Read more

Several people were injured when an attraction broke down in an amusement park in India

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In Anapa, 20 people got stuck on an attraction in an amusement park

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Svetlana Bondarchuk called good sex the key to a long relationship

The former wife of director Fyodor Bondarchuk, Svetlana, decided to give some advice to novice couples. The model identified several key factors that, in her opinion, will help maintain a healthy relationship. .

The prosecutor’s office began a check after the fall of a child from a carousel in Khabarovsk

pxhere.com Information appeared on social networks about the injured child on Blucher Square in Khabarovsk. On this fact, the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation. The author of the publication emphasized that the minor was injured as a result of a fall from the attraction. .

Visitors to the amusement park “Divo Ostrov” spent half an hour in the air due to a breakdown

However, representatives of the amusement park itself told a different version of events, Fontanka writes. According to them, the emergency with the mechanism occurred around 19:00 Moscow time. At the same time, the stoppage of Seventh Heaven, caused by a breakdown, lasted much less than half an hour, the administration of Divo Ostrov noted. The … Read more

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations rescued visitors of the attraction stuck at a height of 30 meters in Izhevsk

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the signal to stop the attraction was received by the duty officer at 16:00 Moscow time. In order to lower the visitors of the park stuck above the ground, an autoarticulated lift of the third fire and rescue unit of Izhevsk was required. At the moment, nothing threatens … Read more