South Korea expects to attract tourists from Russia with ski resorts

Ski resorts in Moscow were presented by the National Tourism Organization of Korea. Industry experts expect to attract Russians with a varied excursion program, the opportunity to ride the Olympic slope and the absence of restrictions related to COVID-19, RIA Novosti reports. .

Nigeria will attract Russian investors to restore the metallurgical industry

© Oleksandr Rupeta/ globallookpress Abuja, 23 October. Nigerian Ambassador to Russia Abudllahi Shehu said that the government of the African republic is studying mechanisms for cooperation with Russian investors. According to him, domestic financiers will help to revive the metallurgical industry on the Black Continent. Shehu noted that there have always been good examples … Read more

Turkish expert advises new gas hub to attract suppliers other than Russia

In addition to Russia and Turkey, the hub will be useful to many European countries, in particular Greece and Bulgaria, the economist believes. According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the states of the region have already begun to think about supply options after the opening of the gas hub. .

Izvestia: The Ministry of Construction proposed to attract the unemployed to construction sites

NEVA NEWS The Public Council under the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation proposed to attract unemployed Russians to work on construction sites, since the industry lacks about 3-5 million people. This is reported by Izvestia. Now more than 1.8 million people are registered with employment agencies. A system has already been developed to … Read more

The Ministry of Transport will attract an additional fleet for transportation through the Kerch Strait

According to the ministry, the second car-passenger ferry “Lavrentiy” has started working at the Kerch ferry crossing. At the same time, it is reported that the Kerchsky-2 ferry, which was released on Sunday night, has already made three round trips and delivered 69 cars and 124 passengers. The passenger ship “Diana Trivia” carried 508 passengers, … Read more

Green bonds will attract 90 billion rubles to the waste industry The Russian environmental operator (REO) will issue bonds, and the state will subsidize the key rate on them. This will attract 90 billion rubles to the waste industry, the 360 ​​TV channel reports. REO General Director Denis Butsaev confirmed that the yield on issued bonds will be higher than on deposits in banks. In … Read more

Import substitution will receive a loan // SMEs are promised loans at 3–4.5% per annum

To attract small and medium-sized businesses to import substitution, the authorities are piloting a new program of concessional lending for investment purposes – at only 3% and 4.5% per annum. This tool will be available to companies in the processing, logistics, agricultural processing and hospitality industries. In order to reduce the cost of lending, it … Read more