A member of the Seversky organized crime group will appear before a court in the Moscow Region

It is reported by “Lenta.ru” with reference to the official representative of the Moscow Region Department of the RF IC Olga Vradiy. According to law enforcers, the gang, organized in 1997, was extorting money from businessmen in the Moscow, Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions. The organized crime group owes its name to the Sever restaurant, where … Read more

Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev compared attacks on Nord Stream with CIA sabotage on an oil pipeline in Nicaragua

Patrushev recalled that a situation similar to the Nord Stream occurred in 1983. Then the saboteurs recruited by the CIA organized attacks against Nicaragua, which led, among other things, to blowing up an oil pipeline in one of the ports. The International Court of Justice considered the application of the Nicaraguan authorities and confirmed direct … Read more

The ICRC announced the consequences of the attacks on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

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Marochko: Attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Kremennaya manage to be contained

According to him, after leaving the Krasny Liman, the servicemen entrenched themselves on the outskirts of Kremennaya, “and now it’s pretty hot there.” “The enemy does not stop trying to break through our defenses, but our heroes are coping with the tasks at the moment,” Marochko said. He also said that the Armed Forces of … Read more

Events in Donbass at 15:00 on October 2: training of reservists in the DPR, attacks on the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Yampolovka

The international edition of the FAN tells about the main events in the Donbass as part of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces up to this hour. Donetsk People’s Republic Training of Russian military personnel called up as part of partial mobilization continues at the DPR training grounds. Under the supervision of officers … Read more

NATO vows to respond decisively to any attacks against critical infrastructure

Three lines of the gas pipeline were destroyed at once near the Danish island of Bornholm on September 26. Swedish seismological systems recorded explosions at the site. NATO then said that the gas leak was the result of sabotage. After that, Brussels said that any attack on the “critical infrastructure of the countries of the … Read more

The United States warned Germany about possible attacks on gas pipelines in the Baltic

Earlier, Nord Stream AG, the operator of Nord Stream, announced a decrease in pressure on the gas pipeline. According to Denmark and Sweden, two gas leaks were found in the northeast of the island of Bornholm. In addition, one leak was detected on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the southeast of the island. … Read more

CEC: Call-center of referendums works stably, despite DDoS attacks

The Central Election Commission reports DDoS attacks on the call center of foreign election commissions that hold referendums on the accession of the LPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions to Russia. “The call center of foreign election commissions for referendums is operating normally, operators provide all the necessary information about the voting procedure to all … Read more