A resident of the Astrakhan region was detained on suspicion of stealing old icons

Federal News Agency Law enforcement officers detained a 39-year-old resident of the Astrakhan region, suspected of stealing old icons, the press service of the regional head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia reported. A 57-year-old woman contacted the police. She stated that four icons worth 500,000 rubles were missing from her late … Read more

The leaders of the Astrakhan colony were sentenced to real terms for theft

The ex-head of the colony received three years in prison, his deputy and the third person involved received two years each, the press service of the RF Investigative Committee for the Astrakhan region reports. All of them will serve their sentences in a penal colony. .

A resident of the Astrakhan region drowned while swimming in front of friends

According to investigators, four local residents were returning from fishing. At some point, the car on which the friends were moving had a flat tire. While the friends of the deceased were repairing the car, he decided to swim in Erik Nozhovsky and drowned. .

Handymen quarrel over hygiene issues ended in shooting near Astrakhan

Two workers who lived on the territory of a peasant farm in the Astrakhan region did not agree on matters of personal hygiene. One of them found the other to be too sloppy, pulled out an air pistol and fired two shots at the 67-year-old opponent. .

The head of the Astrakhan police department died in an accident on the regional highway

It was preliminary established that the 83-year-old GAZ-3110 driver did not miss the Opel Astra, which was moving along the main road. As a result, the foreign car drove into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a LADA Vesta service car driven by the head of police department No. 1 of the Russian Ministry … Read more