Biden signed a law on assistance to Ukraine for $12.4 billion

US President Joe Biden signed into law a bill to continue funding the government, including $12.4 billion in additional aid to Ukraine. The corresponding statement was published on the website of the White House on Friday, September 30. Under the Continuing Appropriation and Funding Support for Ukraine 2023 Act, funds will be provided to federal … Read more

APU attack on Kherson, a new package of American assistance to Ukraine

The representative office of the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC) recorded shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the current day, militants have fired at Rubizhne, Mostki and Starobelsk using HIMARS MLRS, firing a total of 14 shells. … Read more

NYT: EU Gradual Withdrawal of Military Assistance to Ukraine Caused Biden Trouble

Global Look Press | Chris Kleponis – Pool via CNP/Keystone Press Agency The countries of the European Union are gradually reducing military assistance to Ukraine to zero. The Allied decision has become a big problem for United States President Joe Biden, The New York Times reported. The White House is strongly demonstrating the cohesion within … Read more

in winter, Europeans will have to seriously tighten their belts due to ill-considered assistance to Ukraine

The journalist is sure that military assistance to Ukraine will continue to come, despite the difficult financial situation in a number of Western countries. This is a strategic course for the scrapping and capitulation of Russia, he added.

“Playing with fire”: sinologist Sanakoev appreciated Biden’s statement on military assistance to Taiwan

Source: globallookpress/U Aung China is not the kind of country right now that can be simply “threatened with a finger” in the situation with Taiwan. The President of the Center for Research and Forecasts of the Development of the Asia-Pacific Region spoke about this in a conversation with the international editorial office of the Federal … Read more

Polish Foreign Ministry accused Germany of deliberately delaying military assistance to Kyiv

The head of the Foreign Ministry noted that Poland is categorically against Germany’s desire to take a leadership position in the EU. At the same time, according to Rau, in the light of the Ukrainian crisis, Poland has moved to the position of a key country for Europe, providing active assistance to the “square”. .

Shipilin: military assistance to Ukraine will lead Europe to the depletion of its own stocks of weapons

Federal news agency Fighting to the last Ukrainian is no longer just a figure of speech, but the real goal of the West, led by the United States. This opinion was voiced by a political scientist in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency Pavel Shipilin. Earlier, RIA Novosti, citing … Read more