In Kyiv, they came up with a way to protect the graffiti of the British artist Banksy from vandals

According to him, it was decided to involve volunteer formations of the territorial community, municipal guards and Kyiv law enforcement agencies in the preservation of the drawings. Nebytov also added that a group of people who recently “cut off” Banksy’s work from their home in Gostomel is in a pre-trial detention center. .

People’s Artist of Russia Viktor Sukhorukov urged to show little-known classics in cinema

NEVA NEWS People’s Artist of Russia, 71-year-old theater and film actor Viktor Sukhorukov called on film distributors to show little-known Russian classics on big screens. According to the star of the dilogy “Brother”, the Russians have a great interest in domestic films. At the same time, it would be possible to release films gathering dust … Read more

Painting by Russian artist Kandinsky stolen in Poland found in Berlin The painting, stolen from the National Museum in Warsaw in 1984, was found at the Grisebach auction in Berlin. We are talking about the canvas “Untitled” by Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky, reports the Associated Press. The lot went under the hammer for about 900 thousand euros. The Polish Ministry of Culture opposed the … Read more

Russian artist Liza Arzamasova admitted who helps her raise her son

According to Informing, the wife of the director of theatrical shows, the Soviet and Russian figure skater, producer, choreographer in figure skating, Ilya Averbukh, more than a year ago gave birth to a son, who was named Leo. Although the lady prefers not to talk about the child, she nevertheless shared a secret. The actress … Read more

Artist Yevgeny Antipov believes that there are not enough rock musicians in Blue Light

He believes that it is high time to change something in the format of New Year’s lights. The artist jokingly said that it was possible to arrange a broadcast of Alla Pugacheva’s performance from abroad. Speaking seriously, Antipov believes that only Muscovites appear in the list of artists, and there are no residents of St. … Read more

Artist Safronov shared his guesses about the causes of Gradsky’s death

The famous singer Alexander Gradsky passed away on November 28, 2021, but is still often mentioned by representatives of Russian show business. The day before, the first anniversary of the death of the composer took place, which did not go unnoticed by the artist Nikas Safronov. .

actor Sergei Ugryumov congratulated Vladimir Mashkov on his birthday

Vladimir Mashkov and Sergey Ugryumov starred together in the TV series “Grigory R”, where they were in the lead roles. Mashkov played a seer Grigory Rasputinand Ugryumov – the prime minister of the interim government Alexander Kerensky. .