Prosecutor’s office of Togliatti helped a pensioner to receive compensation for a broken arm

According to the agency, in January 2022, an elderly resident of Togliatti received a closed shoulder fracture as a result of a fall on a pedestrian crossing due to ice. The district prosecutor found out that DRSU LLC is responsible for this incident, Volga News reports. .

“Acting in tandem with Ukraine”: Major Sherin appreciated Scholz’s desire to arm Germany

Source: / CC BY 4. The most equipped army Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, speaking at a conference of the German armed forces, which was called “The Bundeswehr in a new era – a critical analysis of the situation during the war in Europe,” said that he intended to create “the most equipped army” … Read more

Andrei Mironov had to “knock out” his role in the “Diamond Arm”

Leonid Gaidai considered many actors for the role of Gesha Kozodoev. Among Mironov’s competitors were, in particular, Georgy Vitsin, Mikhail Pugovkin, Valery Nosik. Mironov, however, was not originally intended at all, but he himself came to the director and literally “knocked out” his role. .

In the Rostov region, a man was caught with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a tracking bracelet on his arm

Law enforcement officers established that a 49-year-old local resident really decided to take a walk with a folding modification of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, while not having a permit to carry a weapon. The man could not explain where he got the potentially dangerous object from. In addition, the attacker had a tracking bracelet on … Read more

Zakharova reacted to the words of the ex-Prime Minister of Bulgaria about the “long arm” of the Kremlin

Russia sympathizes with former Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov’s concerns about alleged Russian interference in the country’s internal affairs. Such a statement was made on July 29 by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova. “We sincerely sympathize with his concerns about the “long arm” of the Kremlin. From the … Read more

Techno_environment: AMD ARM Processor That Wasn’t Released

A photo: © AMD© AMD ️ New episode of our podcast about the main events in the world of technology. In this episode, we’ll cover: 00:22 – AMD phantom processor on ARM. 01:21 — Russian ATMs on Elbrus. 02:07 — Neuromorphic processor created in Russia. 02:59 – iPhones will pass captcha by themselves. 03:50 – … Read more

The court ordered the road workers to pay compensation to a pensioner who broke her arm on Rubinstein The court satisfied the claim of a pensioner who suffered in the center of St. Petersburg due to poor-quality sidewalk cleaning. This was reported in the press service of the city prosecutor’s office. According to the supervisory authority, an elderly woman slipped, fell and broke her arm on Rubinstein Street. Law enforcement officers found … Read more