Senator Kovitidi appreciated the entry of new regions into Russia

Those people who live in these territories have forever become citizens of the Russian Federation. This, Kovitidi believes, is the biggest geopolitical event since the annexation of Crimea. As for the territories themselves, the situation here will change dynamically. Most likely, in the coming years, the restoration of new subjects will become a priority for … Read more

Nosovich appreciated Estonia’s readiness to block the Baltic Sea for the Russian Federation

Nosovich noted that the political madness of Estonia, as well as Latvia and Lithuania, is explained by the isolation and staleness of the political Balts offended by history. According to the latest data, there are less than one million Estonian speakers left in the world. The top is well aware that this nation has practically … Read more

Psychotherapist Dralyuk appreciated the behavior of the Izhevsk shooter

Also, such crimes for delusional motives can be committed by patients with schizophrenia, the psychotherapist specified. Child psychiatrist Anastasia Chebotaeva noted that behavioral deviations could form in childhood. According to her, all offenders who committed such crimes were diagnosed with a mental disorder or trauma that led to inferiority. .

The cat appreciated Timati’s statement about readiness for mobilization

Russian rapper Timati stated in his social networks that he was ready to be mobilized to the zone of a special military operation if he received a summons. So he answered his subscribers, who accused him of emigrating to Uzbekistan after the musician published his photos from Tashkent. .

Sosnovsky appreciated the ploy of the Swedes to save them from NATO membership

The trick of the Swedish government, which, apparently, at the last moment decided by hook or by crook to maintain its neutrality, in a conversation with Vladimir Solovyov, was appreciated by the German political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky, emphasizing that the Swedes in this matter were helped by their complex “complex” legislation. .

The Turkish Foreign Ministry appreciated the decision on the partial mobilization of Russians

Partial mobilization in Russia and the holding of referendums in the Donbass show the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine. This was announced on September 21 in New York by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. “Russia’s decision on partial mobilization and the announcement of referendums in Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya testify to the seriousness … Read more

Minimal damage: political scientist Krutakov appreciated the ban on the entry of Russian citizens into the Baltic countries and Poland

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko By violating its own rules, the European Union shows that it is no longer a single entity. Such an opinion in a conversation with the international editors FAN shared a political scientist, associate professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Leonid Krutakov. The decision … Read more

The Federation Council appreciated the appeal of the UN Secretary General to Ukraine and Russia on the exchange of prisoners

The statement by UN Secretary General António Guterres that Russia and Ukraine should conduct an “all for all” prisoner exchange is in line with democratic principles, said Olga Kovitidi, Senator of the Federation Council. She stated this on Monday, September 19, in an interview with Izvestia. According to the politician, the main thing for Russia … Read more

“Playing with fire”: sinologist Sanakoev appreciated Biden’s statement on military assistance to Taiwan

Source: globallookpress/U Aung China is not the kind of country right now that can be simply “threatened with a finger” in the situation with Taiwan. The President of the Center for Research and Forecasts of the Development of the Asia-Pacific Region spoke about this in a conversation with the international editorial office of the Federal … Read more