IT expert Zykov predicted the working time of the VK application on the iPhone

It is known that VK applications, as well as Mail and Cloud disappeared from the App Store on Monday. Currently, the services continue to function on the iPhone, but you can no longer install them again. According to Zykov, remote applications will work for about two to three years, until they become irrelevant … Read more

The unique features of the YaRUS application are not inferior to VKontakte

There is no paid subscription to listen to music in YARUS, you can listen in the background without restrictions, compositions are not interrupted by advertisements, and the catalog contains only independent musicians who are not available in other social networks and streaming services. .

Mobilized Kursk people can be painted on the day of application to the registry office

It is clarified that Article 11 of the Family Code of Russia provides for the conclusion of marriage before the expiration of a month from the date of filing the application if there are good reasons. Conscription for military service as part of the partial mobilization announced in Russia in the region was considered sufficient … Read more

Klava Koka filed an application with the prosecutor’s office after the scandalous concert in Vladivostok

Parents of students who attended a concert in Vladivostok on Knowledge Day were outraged that Koka performed “half-naked” in front of the Russian flag and an Orthodox church. The city administration apologized for the scandalous concert. .

The Japanese created an application for “translating from a cat”

The most popular phrases are “feed me”, “I’m angry”, “leave me alone”, also “I love you”. The application has already been downloaded by 17 million users. The program has already helped many people who translated the meow and then took the pets to the veterinarian. It turned out that the animals were indeed sick. .

ЯRUS for professionals: all information in one application

The YaRUS application combines news on one platform, processing approximately 65,000 newsbreaks per day, as well as videos, blogs, events and music. The main advantage of a social network is the ability to use it as a single source of information services, where you can follow events, communicate, search for like-minded people, and so on. … Read more

analyst Klintsevich appreciated the words of Beckman about the application of the fifth article of NATO to Ukraine

Finnish political scientist Johan Beckman expressed the point of view that the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine actually means the introduction of Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which provides for the activation of the mechanism of mutual defense of all members of the alliance. Since “square” is not included, Beckman believes that this … Read more