Stock market blog: Anxiety strikes again; lower opening Wall Street foreseen; ASML must give up profit

Investors still seem a bit anxious on Friday for the speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. The futures point to a lower opening of Wall Street, pulling European stocks into the red. The AEX is half a percent lower. ASML (+0.4%) has to give up a large part of … Read more

HSE: Russia’s Economy Has Stopped Giving “Warning Signals”

The D-DESI composite indicator fell below the 30% threshold for the first time since January 14 in the middle of the week from August 9 to 15. Thus, the Russian economy has ceased to give “alarm signals”, follows from the “Daily Economic Stress-Index” (Daily Economic Stress-Index, DESI), authored by Sergey Smirnov, Deputy Director of the … Read more

The head of the Ministry of Economy spoke about worrying “certain signs” in the labor market

Despite record low unemployment rates, there are some concerns about the labor market in Russia, Economics Minister Maxim Reshetnikov said. At the same time, according to him, the negative scenario in the labor market did not materialize, but it is impossible to “calm down”. At the same time, you and I are well aware that … Read more

They are trying to build landing pads // Aviators and the Ministry of Construction are arguing about the rules for equipping runways

The Ministry of Construction gave clarifications to its new set of rules for the construction and reconstruction of landing sites. The document, which provides for the appearance of passenger complexes, security and expensive lighting on the sites, has previously caused concern in the industry. The Ministry of Construction reported to Kommersant that the requirements are … Read more

Unabashed anxiety // April financial flows in the Russian economy looked nervous

The second month of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine looked unusual in terms of financial flows in the Russian economy. With a predictable decline in activity in the sectors of consumer and external demand, the sectors of investment and intermediate demand experienced a boom, sometimes very strange: with activity in the construction sector, activity in … Read more

Anna Sedokova alarmed fans with depressive thoughts

Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press Singer Anna Sedokova does not hide her serious condition from her fans. She shares her experiences and tells how difficult it is for her in creativity. The artist complained that she lost her feelings for music. However, the support of her family saves her. Spouse Janis Timma, whom the singer married … Read more

Neurologist Sotskova spoke about the benefits of meditation to suppress anxiety You can calm the state of anxiety with the help of meditation and limiting the circle of communication, said a neurologist, clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist Tatyana Sotskova. To manage stress and strengthen your immune system, it is important to limit your contact with toxic people. In addition, you should reduce the time spent on … Read more