Russian anti-aircraft gunner told how the military learned to deal with HIMARS in the Donbass

In Donbass, Russian air defense forces have learned to counter the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system. According to an anti-aircraft officer from the “O” (“Brave”) group, his battery has already shot down more than one HIMARS missile, although this was not an easy task. The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use the American … Read more

Russian anti-aircraft gunners shot down three Ukrainian aircraft in a day

Over the past day, air defense units destroyed three Ukrainian combat aircraft, this was reported on Saturday, June 11, by the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the agency, air defense units shot down two MiG-29 multipurpose fighters in the Snegirevka area in the Nikolaev region. In addition, a Su-25 attack aircraft was destroyed near Aleksandrovka … Read more

El Pais: Spain is ready to supply tanks and anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine

The Spanish authorities are ready to consider the issue of providing Ukraine with heavy weapons. This was reported by the newspaper El Pais. Sources of the newspaper noted that we are talking about the transfer of tanks and anti-aircraft missiles to Kyiv. In addition, Madrid is ready to organize training for the Ukrainian military, who … Read more

Ukraine received Swedish anti-aircraft guns developed in the early 30s

Many countries, under the guise of military assistance to the Ukrainian armed formations, are trying to float the property stale in warehouses. These are all kinds of ammunition, including anti-tank, with expiring storage periods. You can also recall the obsolete main battle tanks, light armored vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers), howitzers and guns. … Read more

Ukrainian military attacked Gorlovka in the DPR from an anti-aircraft gun

The DPR representative office at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire (JCCC) stated that shelling by Ukrainian troops was recorded at 18:00. It is noted that the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 30 shots from an anti-aircraft gun at the settlement. .

S-500 anti-aircraft system launched into mass production KXan 36 Daily News

The block does not have a swig template (required) The block does not have a data file (presence is optional) Photo: Mikhail Krasilnikov / RIA Novosti Serial production of the Russian air defense system of the new generation S-500 “Prometheus” has begun. This was stated by the head of the Almaz-Antey concern, Yan Novikov, who … Read more

Since the beginning of the special operation, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 253 anti-aircraft missile systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the department, since the beginning of its conduct, Russian troops have destroyed 2,225 units of enemy vehicles. The RF Armed Forces hit 140 aircraft, 490 unmanned aerial vehicles and 253 anti-aircraft missile systems. .

Medinsky: Putin and Zelensky may meet simultaneously with the initialing of the peace treaty | The collective West is everything: the “triple summit” in Brussels confirmed this | CNN: Pentagon plans to accelerate production of Javelin anti-aircraft missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles | The collective West is everything: the “triple summit” in Brussels confirmed this

A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky is possible simultaneously with the initialing of the peace treaty by the foreign ministers of the countries, said Vladimir Medinsky, aide to the head of state.