Residents of Bologna held a rally in support of Russia

According to the organizer of the meeting, student of the University of Turin Amedeo Avondeta, European sanctions against Russia have a negative impact on the Italian economy. However, the citizens of the country pay more attention not to this, but to relations with the United States. .

The White House is ready to tighten new sanctions against Russia

According to the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the European Union will lift sanctions pressure against Moscow only after the “destruction” of the Russian economy. According to her, the European community intends to “break” the economic sector of the Russian Federation. .

Qatar called on the West to be careful when imposing anti-Russian sanctions

The emir added that the whole world is suffering from the policy of Western countries. According to him, the situation in the energy sector has become very complicated, and Qatar, which is the third largest gas producer in the world, will not be able to meet the world’s demand for blue fuel. .

Bloomberg: The European Union has driven its own maritime hub into the trap of anti-Russian sanctions

Stephan Goerlich/ Look Press An important transshipment point for international oil trade off the coast of Denmark has found itself in a difficult situation due to EU anti-Russian sanctions. This was reported by Bloomberg. Problems arose due to the European Union’s ban on providing Russian oil carriers with insurance and hiring pilots from European companies. … Read more

Sanctions force Serbia to replace Russian oil with Iranian oil from November

Serbia will no longer be able to import Russian oil from November 1 due to EU sanctions. In this regard, the country will try to replace raw materials with “oil from Iran or some other,” Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said in an interview with Tanjug. .