Biden threatened Russia with consequences for the use of nuclear weapons

Global Look Press/Rod Lamkey – CNP/Consolidated News Photos Russia faces consequences in the event of the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. This statement was made by US President Joe Biden. The CBS television channel showed a fragment of an interview with Biden, which was devoted to this issue. Journalists asked him about the … Read more

Political scientist Kornilov spoke about the indifference of Western media to the crimes of Kyiv

Federal news agency The reaction of the world community and Western media to the “filtration measures” in Izyum will be zero at best. It is absolutely not beneficial for the West to put Kyiv in a bad light, so any human rights violations there will either be silenced or, as usual, blamed on Russia. Such … Read more

political scientist Zhivov urged to increase pressure on countries unfriendly to Russia

The US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved on June 23 a resolution to include Russia on the list of countries that support terrorism. If approved by the Secretary of State, Russia would be the fifth country on the State Department’s list, which includes Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria. .

Budapest again opposed anti-Russian sanctions

Today, June 24, Budapest called on the European Union to stop imposing sanctions against Russia and start negotiations with it. Senior Assistant to the Prime Minister of Hungary Balazs Orban stated that the European Union itself suffers from the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation. .

Political scientist Mironov warned of new Western accusations against Russia

The political scientist, in an interview with a PolitRussia correspondent, said that Moscow is always a “scapegoat” for Western leaders. Now Russia is to blame for rising fuel prices, and soon it will be blamed for the food crisis. Without anti-Russian rhetoric, the West simply cannot cope, as the local population, not accustomed to any … Read more