Military analysts told in which cases the RS RF will use nuclear weapons

A guarantee that nuclear weapons cannot be used in local wars, according to a military expert, a retired colonel Anatoly Matviychuk, is an agreement between Russia and the United States that nuclear weapons are a deterrent. This agreement makes it possible to contain the world on the way to a nuclear catastrophe, and, according to … Read more

Die Welt analysts told how the nationalization of Uniper will turn out for Germany

Stefan Koriot, a professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University, recalled that the Constitutional Court of Germany had earlier abolished the “coal tax” for a similar reason, a surcharge on the cost of electricity that all consumers in the country had to pay. .

stock analysts explained what is holding prices back today

But at the same time, he elaborates, it was announced yesterday in the United States that the Department of Energy will sell an additional 10 million barrels from strategic reserves in November, as a proposal ends in October at the initiative of US President Joe Biden to release 180 million barrels from the strategic reserve … Read more

Analysts assessed the likelihood of a continued decline in the Chinese economy

Economists do not predict the growth of the Chinese economy, according to a CNBC survey. “While some of the current political support will bear more fruit in the fourth quarter, the coronavirus situation is likely to remain challenging over the winter and into early 2023, with export growth slowing,” said Tao Wang, chief China economist … Read more

Analysts are waiting for the update of the annual minimum of the bitcoin rate Major crypto assets will continue to move in a downward trend. This assumption was made for RBC by analyst Viktor Pershikov. The expert noted that the movement of the crypto market is due to the fact that the US statistical departments are preparing to publish financial statements. An increase in the key rate by … Read more

Analysts describe a scenario for the EU without Russian gas

Reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas in the next two years is impossible without a massive shutdown of production. This is reported in the study “European energy balance in a new reality”, prepared by the consulting company “Yakov and Partners” (former McKinsey & Company). Europe has not yet overcome dependence on Russian gas, so it … Read more

Analysts from Hungary spoke about Putin’s fateful announcement for the West | Administration of the President of Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the collective West with a fateful announcement. Hungarian political experts Miklos Kevehazia and Laszlo Bogar spoke about it. The head of state announced the loss of the Western countries and the change in the system of the world order, PolitRussia reported. Analysts … Read more

Analysts found out how much Russians are willing to spend on a gift to a colleague

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