A blow to the leading EU economy: military analyst Klintsevich explained why Kyiv is begging tanks from Germany

Tank Challenger 2 flickr.com/ Simon Q /CC BY 2.0 Heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba commented negatively on Berlin’s unwillingness to supply tanks to the Kyiv regime. In turn, the words of the chief diplomat of the “square” provoked an angry rebuke from the German chancellor Olaf Scholz. The New … Read more

Analyst Mikhailov proposes to educate NATO to conduct exercises with nuclear strikes

Alexander Mikhailov is against strikes with tactical nuclear weapons on the Ukrainian military and national battalions, because, in his opinion, this is what the United States is waiting for. As soon as we use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the West will launch a large-scale campaign to discredit Russia, he believes. .

analyst Pashkovsky commented on the feat in the Izhevsk school

So it was during the years of severe trials that befell our country in the 20th century. The Civil War and the post-war devastation with its homelessness and, finally, the Great Patriotic War, when teachers often gave their lives for their pupils, shared the latest with them. What is the mere feat of the teachers … Read more

Analyst Belyaev advised to temporarily hold savings in dollars

Federal News Agency Russians who have savings in dollars should not make hasty decisions, said Mikhail Belyaev, candidate of economic sciences. In an interview with Lenta.ru, he noted that the dollar may well rise against the backdrop of current events, but later it will still return to the corridor of 59-60 rubles per unit. “For … Read more

The analyst suggested the timing of the end of the energy crisis in the EU

The energy crisis in Europe will last for several years. This forecast was made by Igor Yushkov, an expert at the Financial University under the Government of Russia, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Fund, in a conversation with Lenta.ru. “This is a slow story. Even in the current heating season, there is … Read more

analyst Konovalov revealed why Ukraine is denied new supplies

At one time, a discussion was formed in the Western military sphere that tanks have outlived their time and their need is only auxiliary – nothing more. About it in an interview FAN said a military expert, political scientist Ivan Konovalov. .

Central Bank analyst Danilov allowed the abolition of benefits for freezing the ruble exchange rate when calculating standards

The head of the department of banking regulation and analytics of the Bank of Russia, Alexander Danilov, did not rule out the abolition of benefits for freezing the exchange rate when calculating standards, Interfax reports. .

military analyst Klintsevich about Hodgens’ threat to Crimea

The United States will deliver a “crushing blow” to the Russian Crimea, to the Black Sea Fleet based there. This statement was made to the Daily Mail newspaper by a retired American lieutenant general. Ben Hodges (Ben Hodges), pointing out that this would be a response to Russia’s use of nuclear weapons. .