Dmitry Nagiyev demands the biggest fees among Russian actors

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov To date, Dmitry Nagiyev remains the highest paid actor in Russia. In an interview for Komsomolskaya Pravda, producer Alina Krasnaya revealed the artist’s crazy fees. According to her, the star of the series “Fizruk” earns more than a million rubles in one shooting day. Nevertheless, Nagiyev has no end … Read more

An unusual item in “Office Romance” caused a long-term discussion among viewers

Images from the film “Office Romance” The Soviet film “Office Romance” is still very popular among Russian viewers. The film has long been disassembled into quotes, and all its details have been studied up and down. However, as reported by the Kinoafisha portal, even in this picture there is still one mystery left. Fans can’t … Read more

Named the most popular films among moviegoers in 2022

“Interstellar”, “La La Land” and “Fight Club” are recognized as the most popular films among cinephiles according to the Letterboxd social network. The study was conducted based on the count of users who added pictures to their favorites. The five most popular included “Parasite” and “Obsession”. Also among the leaders were “Everything Everywhere At Once”, … Read more

VTsIOM reported an increase in the level of trust in Putin among Russians to 81.5% | Administration of the President of Russia The level of confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to grow. The corresponding results of the survey were published by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM). Experts interviewed 1.6 thousand adult Russians. The level of confidence in Putin has grown by 1.2% in just a … Read more

Von der Leyen’s statement about the “punishment” of Russia caused outrage among the Germans

Tomas Tkacik/Keystone Press Agency/Globallookpress The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, made a statement about “punitive measures for Russia.” However, these words caused outrage among readers of the German newspaper Der Spiegel. Users criticized her statement in the comments to the relevant material. Ursula von der Leyen urged to maintain sanctions against … Read more

“Mayor” of Ukrainian Izyum announced the beginning of filtration measures in the city among the population

Wierzbowski / CC BY-SA 4.0 / The new Ukrainian “authorities” of the city of Izyum announced the start of filtration measures among the local population. According to the so-called mayor of the city, Valery Marchenko, now they will start looking for “collaborators” in the region. In fact, the new “leadership” doomed citizens to real … Read more

Sadalsky stated the unpopularity of Prince Charles among the British people

According to the artist, the death of the 96-year-old queen will affect the whole world. At the same time, he noted that the British people are not very eager to see Prince Charles on the throne. .

The Russian social network summed up the results of the competition among users

The Match TV channel and the Yappy video platform summed up the results of the contest, which started at the end of July. The main prize – the appearance on the air as a TV presenter – went to two Yappy users at once. During the competition, the participants filmed a sports video, uttered a … Read more