American neurophysiologists have discovered a unique set of neurons in the brains of centenarians

Federal News Agency A unique set of large neurons, containing virtually no protein “garbage”, is present in the brains of long-lived people. This discovery was made by American neurophysiologists. A team of scientists led by Northwestern University Chicago associate professor Tamar Gefen discovered an unusual feature in older people during an experiment involving six volunteers … Read more

Revealed the details of the new season of “American Horror Story”

Shot from the series “American Horror Story” Details of the new season of American Horror Story have been revealed. It starts on October 19 with the subtitle “New York”. The release of the 11th season will take place right before Halloween – it will include ten new episodes. Episode description reads: “New season. New town. … Read more

Universal will release a new part of “American Pie”

Universal Studios plans to film a new part of the American Pie franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is expected that the director of the new film will be actress and screenwriter Suhata Day, who previously worked on the comedy Please Decide (2020). There is no word yet on a start date for filming. … Read more

American scientists have created a “growing” soft robot

The resulting prototype of soft robotics in the future can be used not only in medicine – for diagnosing human blood vessels – but also in other areas, for example, when checking or laying underground pipes. The robot uses organic matter, which inside it is converted into solid and quickly increase its mass, due to … Read more

The police came to the American school because of a child with a toy gun

Global Look Press | Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON A suspicious man with a gun was spotted in the parking lot of Ridley High School. The Delaware County police came to the call, Fox News reports. Arriving law enforcement officers found out that someone had informed the security guard of the educational institution about a … Read more

An American military helicopter was spotted in the area of ​​the Nord Stream incident

A US Air Force helicopter was spotted over the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines the night before the accident. According to Flightradar, a flight tracking portal, a Sikorsky MH-60R Strike Hawk flew over the highways. .

Expert Zakharov assessed the consequences of the Fed rate hike for the American economy

Federal News Agency Now there is a massive process of weakening the currencies of almost all countries against the dollar. Its strengthening is one of the key consequences of the tightening of the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve, Pavel Zakharov, a leading researcher at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies and an economist, … Read more

American Spector received 3.5 years in prison for giving bribes to Dvorkovich’s ex-assistant

The investigation found that the American was trying to illegally avoid the procedure for entering certain drugs for weight loss into the register of banned Russian Federation. The attacker, hoping for help, gave a bribe to Anastasia Alekseeva. .