Virgin Atlantic flight attendants allowed to wear gender-neutral uniforms

Thus, male airline workers can wear skirts, and flight attendants can wear male uniforms on flights “to express their individuality.” In addition, passengers will be able to indicate gender-neutral affiliation in the “gender” column when purchasing tickets, according to the carrier’s website. .

The Central Bank allowed legal entities to buy shares of unfriendly countries without restrictions

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko The Bank of Russia lifted restrictions on the purchase of securities of unfriendly issuers for legal entities, regardless of whether they have the status of a qualified investor. Previously, the regulator introduced limits on transactions with such shares for unqualified investors – individuals. According to the requirement of the … Read more

Georgian authorities allowed Russians to cross the border on foot

It is noted that officially the Lars border checkpoint is not intended for crossing the border on foot. The decision to amend the rules for crossing the border is temporary, first of all, border guards let women and children through. It is expected that this will significantly reduce the waiting time in traffic jams. .

Mobilized Russians were allowed to carry push-button phones

Mobilized citizens of the Russian Federation are allowed to carry push-button phones, and smartphones remain on the list of prohibited items. “For security reasons, it is prohibited to use telephones with advanced multimedia capabilities (smartphones) on the territory of military units. You can take a simple, push-button telephone with you to the unit, which will … Read more

Central Bank analyst Danilov allowed the abolition of benefits for freezing the ruble exchange rate when calculating standards

The head of the department of banking regulation and analytics of the Bank of Russia, Alexander Danilov, did not rule out the abolition of benefits for freezing the exchange rate when calculating standards, Interfax reports. .

Director Bortko said that he was not allowed to make a film about the events in the Donbass

According to the author of the series “Master and Margarita”, he was cut down by two projects that were dedicated to a military event. One of them is a film about the Patriotic War of 1812, the second is about the events in the Donbass. With the first project, he was “rolled” with funding. He … Read more

Aeroflot allowed Russians subject to conscription to rent air tickets without fines

The Aeroflot airline allowed the Russians subject to conscription to return previously purchased tickets under the terms of a forced return, that is, without fines. This information follows from the carrier’s message to ticket sales agents, Izvestia got acquainted with the data on Thursday, September 22. The new condition applies to tickets purchased before 10:00 … Read more

Medvedev allowed the use of any weapon to protect the territory, including nuclear

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that in order to protect the territories of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, which will join Russia as a result of referendums, not only mobilization capabilities, but also any Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons and weapons on new principles. … Read more

Vucic allowed the degradation of relations between the West and the Russian Federation and the expansion of the military conflict

Relations between the West and Russia may worsen in the future, in this regard, the expansion of the military conflict cannot be ruled out. This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on September 20. The Serbian leader recalled the evening address of Russian President Vladimir Putin, … Read more