Fake saury surfaced in the networks // The volume of fake canned food is growing

The fall in incomes of the population provoked the growth of counterfeit canned fish, which are sold in retail in millions of cans. Some producers under the guise of expensive saury sell, for example, cheap sardines. But, despite the existing system “Mercury”, which allows to identify substitution, regulators under current regulations cannot withdraw such products … Read more

Novikov Group will freeze pizzas // Restaurateur structures are preparing for the production of semi-finished products

Against the backdrop of a reduction in the presence in Russia of foreign chains of pizzerias and large suppliers of this product, Arkady Novikov, the owner of Novikov Group and partners, can launch a project in this segment. The structures of the restaurateur are preparing to release their semi-finished products for pizza for supply to … Read more

Industry sentiment confuses analysts // Monitoring of market conditions

In the current issue of the Commentaries on Government and Business bulletin, analysts from the HSE Development Center (CR) examine the results of market surveys by Rosstat of industrialists in June 2022 (see chart). Against the backdrop of a recession in the sector (caused by both supply and demand factors), depletion of stocks and expectations … Read more

With confidence in tomorrow’s delay // Bank customers are waiting for their solvency to fall

After the outbreak of hostilities by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, clients of Russian banks lost confidence in themselves: only less than a quarter of them have no doubts about their ability to service current loans. In the future, experts admit that there will be even fewer confident in their solvency, which will lead to … Read more

Banks are asking the US Treasury to allow trading in Russian assets to receive default insurance

The Credit Derivatives Determination Committee (CDDC) has asked the US Treasury to temporarily allow trading in Russian bonds. He wants investors who “bet on Moscow’s default” to get their money, Bloomberg reported. CDDC includes 13 Western banks and asset managers. The Committee interacts with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the Treasury. The … Read more

Juice for growth // The maximum volume of packaging for children’s drinks can be increased

Amid food packaging shortages, juice producers are asking the government to increase the size limit for beverage containers for young children from 0.2 liters to 0.5 liters. A similar relief has already been adopted for milk baby food, but due to the temporary nature of this measure, there is no particular effect yet. Market participants … Read more

“Dom.RF” did not catch the Wave // ​​The bank demands a penalty from LSR for the early repaid loan

Dom.RF Bank, which financed the construction of the Wave complex in the south-east of Moscow, does not leave attempts to recover 1 billion rubles from the developer of the project, the LSR group, ex-senator Andrei Molchanov. for early repayment of a loan. The bank believes that the borrower must pay a penalty in the form … Read more

RBC: banks will be allowed to introduce commissions on foreign currency deposits, but will be forbidden to stop paying interest

The Ministry of Economy has determined the mechanism for introducing negative rates on foreign currency deposits for legal entities, RBC reports with reference to the prepared bill. According to the document, banks will be allowed to charge a commission for servicing such deposits, but at the same time they will remain obliged to pay interest … Read more

Coalition to the crisis // Against the backdrop of the departure of foreign money, the advertising market tends to consolidate

The Russian advertising holding Igronik includes the Progression Group, the Strong Advertising communication group and the local agency Sova. As a result of the alliance, Igronik expects to increase the volume of advertising purchases from 9 billion rubles. up to 17 billion rubles in 2022. Other advertising groups are also negotiating mergers. Experts predict that … Read more