Groups Alisa and Kipelov will perform at the Night Wolves bike show in Crimea

On the evening of August 6, the Night Wolves bike show will begin in Sevastopol. The organizers of the event promise the audience an unforgettable experience, fiery special effects and breathtaking tricks from the participants of the show. On the territory of the festival, final preparations are underway: in mobile cafes, treats are prepared for … Read more

Alisa Teplyakova’s brother successfully passed the exam in mathematics

Heimdall Teplyakov, 7.5, passed the unified state exam in mathematics. The father of the family wrote about this in his blog on LiveJournal. According to Teplyakov, the father, the son passed profile mathematics. “Points for eight years are gorgeous, you can enter those materials or the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (CMC) …”, – … Read more

Skinny Alisa Kazmina walked around St. Petersburg without a mask

For several years, Kazmina has been suffering from a terrible disease that has ruined her face. Health problems began immediately after the divorce from Arshavin. She survived sepsis, multiple surgeries, and a coma. Usually the journalist hid her face under a mask or with a band-aid. Apparently, Kazmina has ceased to be ashamed of her … Read more

Actress Alisa Freindlich explained the cause of all cataclysms on Earth

The star of “Cruel Romance” in December 2020 was in the hospital with a coronavirus infection, but still managed to overcome her illness. According to Freindlich, her own beliefs helped her in this matter, that cataclysms are connected with space, where there is a “bunker of negative and positive energies.”