Aeroflot passengers will not be able to watch a movie and listen to music during the flight

The refusal of foreign suppliers will soon cease to be an obstacle to the habitual viewing of interesting films and listening to your favorite tracks during the flight. So far, the company offers passengers to arrange a “December digital detox” – read a book, get enough sleep, write a post on the results of the … Read more

A shift worker attacked a stewardess on a Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Novosibirsk flight A man attacked a flight attendant on a Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Novosibirsk flight. An aggressive resident of the Kemerovo region was detained at the Tolmachevo airport. The citizen began to rage as soon as the plane gained altitude. He began to pester the passengers, then prevented the flight attendants from working. As a result, the hooligan hit … Read more

At the airport of Novosibirsk, a shift worker was detained for debauchery and obscenity on board the plane

According to law enforcement officers, a 42-year-old citizen was flying from a watch to the Kemerovo region. Being intoxicated, the man swore, interfered with the work of the crew members and actively provoked a conflict with other passengers. In addition, the hooligan ignored the warning of the ship’s commander about the inadmissibility of such behavior. … Read more

A resident of Voronezh was convicted for the sale of a plane leased from a foreign company A resident of Voronezh was convicted in Moscow for selling an aircraft leased from a foreign company. Because of the actions of the man caused damage to 104 million rubles. The convict is the head of a company engaged in the wholesale trade of machinery and equipment. The Russian took a private jet in … Read more

Flight attendant dies of heart attack on board plane flying to Paris

A flight attendant died on board a passenger plane flying from Bahrain to France. The pilots made an emergency landing at the nearest airport so that the flight attendant could receive medical assistance, but they could not save her. Writes about it The Daily Mail. .