Prices for air tickets from Russia to foreign countries began to decline

Experts note that at present the cost of an air ticket from Moscow to Antalya and back is approximately 37 thousand rubles. At the same time, some airlines offer to purchase tickets worth from 35 thousand rubles. In addition, tickets from Moscow to Dubai have fallen sharply in price. Tourists can go on vacation in … Read more

Norkin on the air of “Meeting Place” in a few seconds described the essence of geopolitical events

Andrey Norkin recalled that the North Atlantic Alliance ignored Moscow’s warnings about expanding to the east, so the Kremlin decided to do the same, only in a different direction. One capacious phrase was enough for the journalist to describe the situation. .

Football match “Lviv” – “Dnepr-1” interrupted for 20 minutes due to air raid alert

The match takes place in Lviv. The game had to be suspended for 20 minutes during the second half, so the air raid alarm sounded. The players left the field and went to the under-tribune room. By that time, the Dnipro-1 team was leading with a score of 2:0. After a forced break, the game … Read more

A small hydroelectric power plant was launched in the Altai Republic In the Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic, a micro-hydroelectric power station was built and launched. It will provide air to a hard-to-reach alpine lake. This small hydroelectric power station is located in the village of Amur near the border with Kazakhstan, not far from the solar station and 70 kilometers from the nearest … Read more