The average air temperature in St. Petersburg was below normal in September

The meteorologist stressed that the average air temperature was slightly above +10 degrees. At the same time, he noted that abnormally cold weather conditions in September have been observed in St. Petersburg for two years in a row. Thus, in 2008 the average air temperature was +10.7 degrees. The lowest values ​​were recorded in 1996, … Read more

Italian Air Force reported Poland’s concern over Russian aircraft on the border

Fighters participating in the mission of the North Atlantic Alliance to patrol the Polish borders were raised into the air in order to intercept Russian aircraft. This was announced by a source in the Italian Air Force, reports RIA Novosti. .

Italian Air Force: NATO fighters flew twice to intercept Russian aircraft in Poland

“Another takeoff for the Eurofighter of the Italian Air Force participating in a patrol mission in Poland. The alarm has been raised because of Russian aircraft near the Polish border,” the message says. It is noted that this week the Italian Air Force has already sent its fighters to intercept Russian aircraft to the north-eastern … Read more

Air defense system went off in Novaya Kakhovka

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Taliban fired shots into the air to disperse women’s demonstration outside the Iranian embassy in Kabul

Federal News Agency / Kirill Romanovsky A group of Afghan women staged a demonstration outside the Iranian embassy in Kabul. The Taliban (members of the terrorist organization Taliban *, banned in Russia) dispersed the participants of the action with shots in the air. RIA Novosti reported this with reference to an eyewitness. According to the … Read more

Belarus announced a sudden check of the combat readiness of the 50th mixed air base

On Wednesday, September 28, Belarus announced a sudden check of the combat and mobilization readiness of the 50th mixed air base (military unit 06752). This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic. The agency noted in its Telegram channel that the sudden check began “in accordance with the plan” for the training … Read more

Sending subpoenas and deliveries of NASAMAS air defense systems – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on September 27

Ilya Koshelev/ via The international edition of the Federal News Agency has collected the most widespread fakes about the Russian operation in Ukraine on September 27. Sending subpoenas Citizens of the Russian Federation who have fallen under partial mobilization find summonses from the military registration and enlistment offices and lists of things that you … Read more