The Russian government will allocate 714 million rubles to Kuban to support grain producers

In total, 64 Russian regions will receive government subsidies totaling 10 billion rubles. According to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, such a decision will help companies operating in the field of agriculture to continue to show impressive results, allowing the country’s citizens to purchase high-quality domestic food products. .

WSJ: low US harvest will provoke a global food crisis Low grain harvests in the US could lead to a worsening food crisis around the world. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources. It is noted that dry conditions persist in the United States and countries in South America. In addition, the situation regarding the production of agricultural crops in Ukraine … Read more

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region called the cause of the outbreak of African swine fever Contact of domestic pigs with wild boars could cause an outbreak of African plague in the Kaliningrad region, the regional Ministry of Agriculture reported. In keeping livestock, violations of veterinary rules on free range were revealed. At the same time, it is not possible to establish whether the infected wild boars came to the … Read more

Corriere della Sera journalist calls agriculture Putin’s “secret triumph”

The development of agriculture is the “secret triumph” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to journalist Federico Rampini. He wrote about this on August 28 in an article for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Under the Russian leader, there has been an impressive resurgence of agricultural production in Russia, he said. Thus, from 2000 … Read more

Italians call agriculture “Putin’s triumph” Russia’s agriculture can be described as the “secret triumph” of President Vladimir Putin. Journalist Federico Rampini writes about this for the Italian edition of Corriere della Sera. Rampini notes that by the end of 2022, the Russian Federation will show record levels of grain exports. The author of the article recalled the times when … Read more

Psychologist Nelli Gradova told how to raise a hardworking child

prt scr of Everyone and Everyone Specialist in economic and political psychology Nelli Gradova explained on the air of the press center of the Patriot Media Group why the younger generation does not have labor skills, and told what needs to be done so that these skills are formed in children. At the … Read more

The authorities of the Dutch Limburg will ban farmers from using river water due to drought

The authorities of the province of Limburg, located in the south-east of the Netherlands, will prohibit farmers from using river water to irrigate their fields. According to the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation, the restrictions will come into force on August 26. .

Seminar “Field Day – 2022” will be held in Primorye From September 15 to 16, the Ussuriysk Agro-Industrial College will host a seminar “Field Day – 2022”. The event will present advanced technologies in the field of crop production, animal husbandry and processing of agricultural products. On the first day of the seminar, participants and guests will be able to get acquainted with the … Read more