Activists of the “Spring” movement are recognized as foreign agents in Russia

Lytvyn is the coordinator of the movement, while Martynenko is the activist. The document on the official website of the Ministry of Justice indicates that both received funding from Ukraine. .

Travel agents have recorded an increased demand for canceled trips abroad among Russians

At the same time, there are not very many such offers on the market, but such vouchers are bought up very quickly. For example, a tour with a departure on September 27 from Yekaterinburg to a five-star hotel in Manavgat for seven nights for 244 thousand rubles. for two adults and one child was sold … Read more

Shakhnazarov ranked Galkin as a “Russophobic guard” after the artist’s words about foreign agents

The reaction of showman Maxim Galkin* (an individual acting as a foreign agent in Russia) to being entered into the register of foreign agents was not long in coming. According to the humorist, he is proud to join other people who are already on this list. .

The Ministry of Justice of Russia included TV presenter Maxim Galkin in the register of individuals-foreign agents

Artist Maxim Galkin was included in the register of individuals-foreign agents by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The corresponding list of departments was updated on Friday, September 16. Since the beginning of the special operation to protect Donbass, the parodist has repeatedly shared anti-Russian statements on his social networks. Also, … Read more

Prilepin considered Galkin’s entry into the register of foreign agents the logical finale

Prilepin noted that Galkin’s inclusion on the list of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation was the final debunking of the “cult” of the singer Alla Pugacheva. According to the deputy, Primadonna “ended” by the mid-1980s. .

Mizulina appreciated the inclusion of Galkin in the list of foreign agents

According to her, with his anti-Russian statements, Galkin himself turned people against him. Mizulina noted that “the once popular performer among the people” has now fallen “to the very bottom.” Now Galkin does not get any work on television, and the road to corporate parties and concerts is also closed. .

Ex-Trump adviser: FBI agents conducted 35 searches of supporters of the former president

On September 8, the FBI raided the homes of 35 supporters of former US President Donald Trump. This was stated by his former assistant Stephen Bannon in an interview with journalist Charlie Kirk. According to him, the searches took place at the homes of high-ranking supporters of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement, TASS … Read more

The Ministry of Justice included Latynina and Eidelman in the list of foreign agents

The Ministry of Justice supplemented the registers of foreign agents. Yulia Latynina, Tamara Eidelman and Nucky Michael Sidney were included in the register of individuals acting as a foreign agent. The list of funding sources includes Ukraine. Now any publications by Latynina or Eidelman must be accompanied by a mention that these authors are recognized … Read more

Michael Nucky, Valery Solovey and Yulia Latynina added to the list of foreign agents

Among other things, political scientist Valery Solovey, as well as journalists Yelena Shukayeva and Andrey Afanasyev, are included in the register of media-foreign agents. In addition to Naka and Latynina, the list of individuals-foreign agents included the historian Tamara Eidelman. In addition, the register of the Ministry of Justice also now includes the technical legal … Read more