This year in Russia, tangerines from South Africa will replace Moroccan

In early December, the World Citrus Organization said in its annual report that citrus production in the Northern Hemisphere had fallen by an average of 13%. We are talking about countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and others – in the New Year season, these are the main suppliers of tangerines to Russia. On … Read more

The bodies of 14 people were found in the river after the rite of baptism in South Africa A group of people were swept away by a powerful stream of water during a baptismal ceremony in South Africa. The bodies of 14 people were found in the Yukskei River. It is reported by the portal News24. According to the publication, among the dead are children, including a baby. Presumably, some of them … Read more

In South Africa, a strong flood washed away nine unbaptized Africans

globallookpress/Konstantin Kokoshkin The religious ceremony, which was held in the Republic of South Africa, ended in the death of several people. The tragic news was shared by local radio station SABC on Sunday. It all happened during a baptism ceremony in the Yuksei River. At some point, a strong flow of water carried a group … Read more

Exited participant of the show “Stars in Africa. Battle of the Seasons” returned to the project

Viewers of the program in the near future should find out who ended up in the semi-finals of the project. However, according to the announcement, the public is in for a surprise. Show hosts Olga Buzova and Mikhail Galustyan will announce who exactly returned to the show. .

In South Africa, nine people drowned in the river during the rite of baptism

In South Africa, nine people drowned in the Yukskei River during a baptismal ceremony. This was announced on Sunday, December 4, by the EWN Reporter portal, citing the local rescue service. According to the portal, the incident occurred on the evening of December 3 on the outskirts of the city of Johannesburg. It is noted … Read more

Zimbabwe to allocate land to Namibia to build a monument to mark independence from South Africa

The Zimbabwean leader suggested that Namibia erect its own monument in the park, dedicated to popular resistance and the struggle for independence. According to the initial design, memorials will be erected on the site in honor of other important events in African history.

Russian scientists will place domestic telescopes in Africa

In addition, domestic scientists said they were ready to cooperate with colleagues from South Africa in the field of tracking celestial bodies. For more information on how Moscow is developing the space program in cooperation with African states, read the material of the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency.